Gu Xin

Gu Xin

Degree: Master

Professional title: Associate Professor


Academic Titles:

Visiting lecturer at the Central Academy of Fine Arts

Senior designer at the Beijing Office of Landor Associates (part-time)


Research Direction:

Research on System and Information Design and Application

Research on Brand Communication Design and Application


Academic Proposition:

We are now living in an era surrounded by and infused with a myriad of complex information. As the economy develops rapidly, information transmission has been increasingly chaotic and disorderly. Be it communication through the traditional planographic printing or through the emerging digital media, truly important information still has great difficulty in getting across to or leaving a deep impression on people. Thus the visual designers need to systematically arrange and edit the information, adopt a logical and organized way of thinking, and optimize visual presentation to restore the meaning of the original information for all audiences.

Since ancient times, the mankind has been, in a visual way, interpreting and transmitting the experience and knowledge that need to be grasped by the mankind. Information design continues and inherits this ancient mission and way of working. To analyze the increasingly complex information in modern life with visual and graphic languages has made information design a new independent discipline in the field of visual communication. The purpose of information design is not simply conveying information clearly, but it also includes taking on the social responsibility to establish a fair, standardized and systematized visual order. Compared with developed Western countries where design has been integrated into all sectors of society, Contemporary China, impulsive and disorderly in this respect, is in greater need to build the visual order in modern society through system and information design. In a healthy and orderly social environment, design will certainly push the entire country towards more efficient and more rapid development.


Academic Achievements:

In 2004, he designed the poster for the Annual Exhibition of the Berlin University of the Arts

In 2006, he designed the poster for the Semester Exhibition of the Visual Communication Discipline of the Berlin University of the Arts

In 2007, he won the finalist award of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo International Poster Contest

In 2008, he participated in the Invitational Poster Exhibition of the Beijing Olympics Great National Art and Design Exhibition

In 2009, he published his monograph Compare Words and Texts——Illustrated Explanation of the Origins of Chinese and Western Written Languages


Representative Works:

1.China and the World / book / 23.5x32 cm/2005

2.Portrait / poster / 70x100 cm/2006

3.Expo 2010 Shanghai / poster / 70x100 cm/2006

4.Compare Words and Texts German Edition/ book/ 17.5x24 cm/2006 (the Chinese edition was published in China in 2009)

5.Olympic Family / poster / 100x70 cm/2008


Course Overview:

Book Design courses

Layout Design courses