Hua Jianxin

Hua Jianxin

Master of Arts, Professor; Master Supervisor

Member of Design Committee of China Package Federation, Member of Expert Committee of International Commercial Art Designer Association China Headquarter, consultant for experts of China Design Industry Associate, member of Committee for Beijing Higher Education Self-Study Examination, Expert Judge for Education Commission of Beijing Municipal


Research Interest:

Study on Design of Drawing Symbol, Study on Packing Design


Academic Proposition:

Design aims to improve human life, and is duty bound to face the reality and solve problems. The purpose of all design study is application. Without application, no design can exist. Design is the system engineering, a composition of numerous details in every corner of life. In teaching design, the sensibility and imagination of design should be considered as style and scientific rationality and logic be deemed as core, so that students know that design is not for self-entertainment. ,Only when people feel the convenience and pleasure in life brought by design and when they are touched, the moment of the greatest sense of accomplishment for designers comes. With common culture and life of mankind as prerequisite and the purpose of conveying information, study on graphical symbol design seeks to design intuitive and accurate visual recognition and signage system for the public and improve public visual environment. Attention should be paid on design and human society, the relationship between design and human existence to guide postgraduates in the research over the relationship between package design, traditional culture, consumer attitudes, and ecological environment.


Academic Achievements:

She published Professional Techniques for Black and White Painting (Heilongjiang Fine Arts Publishing House), Logo Design and Packaging Design (China Textile & Apparel Press), Graphic Design (collaboration, Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House), Limitations and Breakthroughs in Art and Design Teaching (Decoration) and other professional books and papers.

She chaired research projects of “Logo Design and Production Project of Zero Kilometer Point in China’s Road”, “Project of Visual Identity System Design in National Center for Nano science”, “Project of Visual Identity System Design in Chairman Mao Memorial Hall” “Project of Packaging Design for Characteristic Places of Interest in Beijing During Olympics” etc.; “Logo Design and Production Project of Zero Kilometer Point in China’s Road” won the excellent engineering award of Beijing, and the “Logo of Zero Kilometer Point in China’s Road” has been collected in the Contemporary and Modern History Department of Capital Museum for permanent preservation.

Her major design works are badges for Nanning International Art Festival of Folk Song, logo for CCTV fashion design and model contest, logo for National Center of Nano Science and Technology, logo for Art Week in China Today, logo for alliance of low-carbon energy universities, logo for Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, logo for China-Japan Youth Friendly Exchange Center, logo for Beijing Ligh-Mechatronics Industrial Park, logo for Beijing Moon Rive Resort, logo for Primary School affiliated to Tsinghua University; Posters of “Light and Shadow”, “Ancient Response”, “Art and Science”, “Harmony”; Stamps of “Chinese Vernacular Dwelling”.



2003 “Excellent Individual Faculty” of Tsinghua University, gold medal of “Love Logo Design for China Youth Development Foundation”, gold medal of “Badge Design for Nanning International Art Festival of Folk Song”, Excellent Award in “the 10th National Fine Art Exhibition”, Excellent Award for Design Arts of “China Star”, Excellent Award for “China Packing Star”, Excellent Award for logo design for the Beijing's Olympic bidding, Excellent Award in “Art & Science –International Work Exhibition”


Course Overview:

Undergraduate Courses: Logo Design, Packing Design;

Postgraduate Course: Logo Design