He Jie

He Jie


Doctoral Supervisor


Course Overview:

Postgraduate Course: Visual Symbol Communication;

Undergraduate Courses: Design of Drawing Symbol, Script Design, and Poster Design


Academic Memberships:

Deputy Director of Steering Committee for Arts Basic Computer Teaching, Ministry of Education and Director of Art Sub-Committee

Member of Steering Committee of Arts Education, Ministry of Education, Deputy Director of Sub-commission of Arts and Design

Vice President of China Advertising Association, and Deputy Director of Academic Committee

Council of China Artists Association, Director of Graphic Design and Art Committee

Deputy Director of Design Education Sub-Committee of Chinese Association of Higher Education


Research Interest:

Study on Contemporary Visual Symbol Communication and Handicraft Art Development


Academic Proposition:

Contemporary design is significantly society-driven. As problems faced by visual arts and design become even more vague and indeterminate, the connotation, meaning and value should be re-examined and constructed. Designers have never been so attentive to their social roles and so inclined to link their own responsibilities and mission with the survival and development of human beings. Questions like the essence, function, purpose and significance of design have to be pondered over from the very starting point.

The contemporary social form determines the context of contemporary visual arts and design, which is not the negation of tradition, but the integration and inheritance of the essence of history and tradition. Relentless exploration of the role, value and significance of contemporary visual arts and design as well as effective construction of individual needs and harmonious society are the pressing issues for every producer of contemporary information visual language and communication order


Finished Research Projects:

“Advertisement Originality and Performance” –a project commissioned by Japan Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation

Project of Serial Standards for National Graphic Symbols for Use on Public Information Signs –State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, State Standardization Administration Council

Core Graphics and Sports Logo Design for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games –a project commissioned by Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee

Official Poster Design for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games –a project commissioned by Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee

Parade Float Design and Design of National Unity Column –a project of the Command Post for the 60th Chinese National Day Parade by People


Current Research Projects:

Study on Development of Modern Chinese Manual Arts –National Social Fund Key Project of Art  

Modern Packing Design Series of Textbook –Eleventh Five-Year National Textbook Planning Project, General Higher Education of Ministry of Education

Transformation and development of Arts and Crafts in the Context of Cultural Industry –Independent Research Program of Tsinghua University



Advertising and Visual Communication, China Light Industry Press;

Graphic Design of Advertisement, Central South University Press;

Figure Design, Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House;

Chinese Character Fonts Design, Heilongjiang Fine Arts Publishing House



Development Trend of Visual Communication Design, Decoration

Facing the Changing Chinese Advertisement, Decoration

The Realm of Green –Package Design, Package & Design

Reflections on the Graduation Design, Decoration

New Challenges in the New Situation –Trend of China's Advertising Visual Communication, Decoration

The Feature of Beauty as a Tool in Visual Communication Design, Decoration

Tolerance Is Leisureliness, Paper Collections of Chinese Traditional Graphic and Modern Visual Design

A Dream Seeking Journey –North Bound Trip of Pang Xuqin, Decoration



Advertising and Visual Communication, First Prize for Tsinghua University Teaching Material

Chinese Character Fonts Design, Second Prize of Tsinghua University Excellent Teaching Material

2000-2001 Award Young Scholar of Distinction of Tsinghua University

2003-2004 Annual Award for Top 10 Scholars in National Advertisement

2005-2006 Annual China Top 10 Most Influential Advertisement Plastic Designer

Top 100 Most Influential Chinese Plastic Designers

Awards for Outstanding Contributions to China’s Advertising in the 30 Years

2007-Guanghua Tenglong – China Design Contribution Award

2007 Honorary Title of National Middle-aged and Young Art Worker with both Virtue and Accomplishment, awarded by Central Propaganda Department, The Ministry of Personnel and China Federation of Literature and Art Circles

Design of “Two Bombs and One Satellite” Meritorious Award –Beijing Industrial Design Special Award

Visual Image System Design of China Millennium Monument –Excellent Award for Visual Image System Design of Chinese Elite Brand

Poster Design of “The Exhibition of International Works on Art and Science” –Excellent Award for International Work Exhibition on Art & Science

Stamp Design of “United as One in Fighting SARS” –2004 Special Award for National Outstanding Stamps

2005 Package Design of “Phoenix in Wonderland” Wine –“World Star” Package Design Award by World Packaging Organization

2006 Package Design of “Traditional Chinese Medicine Tea for Health Care” –“World Star” Package Design Award by World Packaging Organization

2006 Serial Standards for Graphic Symbols for Use on Public Information Signs (Part 1, 2 and 3) –third prize for China Standard Innovation

2008 –Contribution Award by the 29th Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games

2008 –Special Award for Olympic Design, China Innovative Design Medal

2009 –Special Award for Parade Float Design, China Innovative Design Medal

2009 –Excellent Worker in the 60th Chinese National Day Parade by People