Han Meilin

Professor Han Meilin

Professor Han Meilin was born in 26 December 1936 in Jinan, Shandong Province. Graduated from Central Institute of Arts and Crafts (now the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University), he is a persistent practitioner and pioneer in the field of art. His works cover a wide range of aspects including painting, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, dyeing and weaving, paper-cutting, logo design and even writing. With unique artistic style, he is dedicated to extracting the essence from the culture before Western Han and Eastern Han Dynasties and folk arts, and converting them into art works with modern aesthetic concepts. Professor Han has made remarkable artistic achievements: In 1980, he held art exhibitions in 21 cities in the United States and was awarded the Golden Key of the city of San Diego. In the same year, his cartoon The Fox and the Hunter won the Best Fine Arts Prize of the 4th Zagrab International Cartoon & Animation Festival in Yugoslavia. In 1983, six of his works were elected to be printed on United Nations’ Christmas cards. He was granted the honor of special contribution to world art in 2003 and the world art master prize in 2004 both by the World Artists Association. In 2004, he was granted the President’s Award for Educational Excellence by the former US president George Bush. Professor Han Meilin has made great contribution to promote the development and exchange of art and culture. He has been invited to foreign countries such as Japan and India for artistic and cultural exchanges and established Han Meilin Art Foundation in Germany and Japan. Moreover there are Han Meilin Art Galleries in both Beijing and Hangzhou.