Ma Quan

Professor Ma Quan  PhD

1987 Bachelor of Arts from Central Academy of Art and Design

Master Supervisor, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University

Director of Research Institute of Brand Communication Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University

Deputy Secretary General, Design Committee of China Packaging Federation

Member, Academic Committee of China Advertising Association


Research Interests:

I: Study on Brand Visual Communication Design

II: Study on Construction of Urban Visual Order and National Brand Image Design


Research Interest I:

In the current new Internet economy when communication target is increasingly segmented, communication is becoming more and more convenient and profound, and the diversified lifestyle will surely change the direction of brand communication. With the advent of economic globalization and experience-based economic mode, mass-communication-oriented marketing, communication, advertising, and design are facing the challenges of the new economic environment. With new technology, the media’s traditional look becomes blurry, changing from static to dynamic, from dynamic to interactive, and from interactive to niche. Therefore, qualitative change has taken place in the environment for today’s brand growth. The knowledge of one single discipline is hardly enough to counter brand issue brought by competition. Only with multi-discipline and multi-angle deliberation in brand development can we build the path towards growth of Chinese brands. With the attempt to integrate international and domestic resources, the study has an in-depth discussion over the new brand program of experience-based marketing in the Internet age. Focusing on the competitiveness of the brand, we can build the sustainable competitive advantage, and create the core brand strategy. Starting from brand communication design, we can help provide creative resources for brand promotion with sustainable competitive advantage. And we should be highly attentive to the brand internationalization of Chinese enterprises, and discuss over path of development for Chinese brands.


Research Interest II:

 “Urban Visual Order” is the regular externalization of internal structure and characteristics of the city, the visual structure formed by the integration and overall control of urban visual symbols, building landscape, outdoor advertising, traffic order, public behaviors of people, and other urban visual elements, as well as the manifestation of the orderly urban external visual presentation. City is the gateway of a country’s image, and the construction of city visual order is the direct display of city image and the national image. Therefore, the construction of urban visual order is the core of the state visual image construction. The overall impression of the general public towards various urban visual elements is the main influence factor in people’s impression and attitudes toward a country. From another perspective, the construction of the national image stems from the overall urban visual impression. Therefore, the urban visual elements should be coordinated and incorporated into the construction of overall urban visual order, and thus affect the construction of the national visual image.

This research subject makes use of the advantages of the Academy, namely multiple disciplines and majors.


Monographs and Textbooks

Advertisement Graphics Originality

Advertising and Visual Communication joint authorship, first prize for excellent teaching materials by Tsinghua University 

Teaching and Application of Graphic Design of Advertisement, Classic Teaching Material for Higher Education in Beijing 

Advertisement Graphics Originality CD-ROM for teaching, State Key Audio-video Publication


Academic Papers:

Image Design Documentary of 2004 Athens Olympic Games

Planning Order of Outdoor Advertisement and Urban Image, excellent paper in National Core Periodicals

Academy of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University –Exploring the Interface of Teaching and Practice

Differentiation –Manifestation of Urban Brand Personality

Construction of Urban Visual Order and State Image


Main Design:

1. Visual Image System and Exhibition Design of “Poly Art Museum in China”

2. Stamp Design of “Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of CPPCC”

3. Visual image system of “National museum of modern Chinese literature”, exhibition design of “Twentieth Century Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature Exhibition”, which won Award for “China Best Ten Museum Exhibition Design”. “Visual image design of literature museum” won “2000 China Enterprise Brand Excellent Design Award”.

4. Poster Design “Arts and Science” was selected for 2001 “International Exhibition of Chinese Art and Science” and won international award for excellent works.

Poster “Release” was selected in 2001 International Poster Exhibition

   Poster “Shape Meaning” was selected in “World Outstanding Chinese Graphic Design Exhibition”

   Poster Earth was selected in “Love the Earth” Exhibition in Aichi, Japan

   Poster Color Value was selected in “Korean Annual Poster Exhibition of World Graphic Design Association”

   Poster Green Dream was selected in “Seventh Soul-Asia Graphic Poster Triennial Exhibition”

5.Visual planning and design of outdoor advertising for Haidian District in Beijing

6. Visual planning and design of outdoor advertising for Central Business District, Liberation Monument of Chongqing



 2004 be accredited with “2004 Annual Person in China Advertising Industry”

2004 be accredited with “2004-2005 100 Most Influential Chinese Graphic Designers”

2004 be selected in “2005 List of One Hundred Outstanding Youth in China Design Industry”

2006 be accredited with one of “Hundred Outstanding Youth in Design” by A Collection of China Hundred Designers


Course Overview:

Undergraduate Courses: Figure Design, Poster Design, Advertisement Design, and Brand Design

Postgraduate Course: Brand Communication and Design