Qian Zhe

Qian Zhe

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Professional title: Associate Professor

Master Supervisor


Academic titles:

Deputy Director of the Image Management Office of Tsinghua University

Vice President of Beijing Young Entrepreneur Association

Member of the curriculum examination committee of Beijing Higher Education Self-Study Examination Committee


Research Direction:

Artistic Language and Application of Visual Design


Academic Proposition:

Vision is the main source for mankind to perceive and receive information in social activities. Priorities of his research are cultural characteristics of graphics, symbols and carriers intended for visual information communication and application study over ways and methods of information communication. He advocates that research on visual design language should be linked to artistic creations and carriers of cultural art formed by the social space and symbols, images and connotations in the modern cultural context. He emphasizes the characteristics of visual communication design in areas ranging from the art market to the public culture and art market and explores the cultural attributes of the artistic language of visual design.


Achievements and Awards for Academic Research and Teaching

He led the team in completing scientific research projects such as image and landscape strategic planning, schematic design, landscape implementation and team building and operation for the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games; design and making of festooned vehicles for the 60th Anniversary National Day Parade, design of the torch and podium for the 2012 Guangzhou Asian Games, design of the visual image of China National Forest Park and design of dress for China's forestry police.

He has won titles of outstanding worker of the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, advanced worker of Tsinghua University, advanced individual at Beijing Olympics and Paralympics Games, “High-tech Olympics” advanced individual and outstanding expert of the Expert Committee on the 60th Anniversary National Day Parade, the Red Star Award etc.

He has created and issued the documentary Design of Chinese Characters and the publications The Completed Work Reports of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games - Image and Landscape and A Complete Collection of Cultural Activities of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games; as a key member of the project team, he participated in writing Manufacturing Technology of Festooned Vehicles; and he has published more than 10 articles including the paper Simple Analysis of Color Design for the Image and Landscape of the Beijing Olympic Games.


Course Overview:

Visual Image System Design, Packaging Structure and Vessel Design, Font Design and Pop Advertising Design.