Wang Hongwei

Wang Hongwei

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Master Supervisor


Social Titles:

Committee Member of China Packaging Association

Member of Review Committee for China Design Yearbook

Member of Hong Kong Designers Association

Member of Beijing Higher Education Self-study Examination Committee

Visiting Professor at the School of Arts & Design, Woosong University, Korea

Visiting Professor at the School of Art Design, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts


Research Direction:

A. Chinese Character Design and Editing Design

B. Overall Book Design


Academic Proposition:

Philosophy is the core of culture while the Chinese calligraphy is the core of Chinese philosophy. Calligraphy represents a symbol that reflects the meaning of modeling; literature is the content that shows the realm of philosophy. Typeface design is the parent of graphic design while the book is the carrier of typeface. A good designer knows how to tell a story via words, how to express information via layout and how to build structural space for a book. Typeface and layout are a comprehensive reflection of a designer’s professional quality. The evolution of characters also represents a history of graphic design. As one of the existing oldest writings used by human, Chinese character gives an expression to the Oriental’s aesthetic value. It is necessary to analyze and study the word-forming and word-combining characteristics in different times from the perspectives of design, physiology, psychology and semiology. The possibilities of new printing typeface design can be explored through studying the design law and method of headline word and text word of printing typeface.

The overall book design includes topic planning, content and visual editorial design, material selection and information integration of the whole printing process. The exploration of design language for different kinds of books stresses the unification between logic thinking and imagery thinking, between aesthetics and functionality. Books are not a quiet decoration from book morphology to context conveying. The reader communicates and interacts with the book during reading and the book becomes a living thing that can control time and space.


Teaching Overview:

Major undergraduate courses: Script Design, Typography and Editorial Design, Book Design, etc.

Major postgraduate courses: courses for Visual Communication Design major


Academic Achievements:


1990   New Examples of Decorative Sketches

1991   Fashionable Typeface Design

1996   Textbook for visual communication design teaching - Plane Structure

1997   Typeface/Books/Design, an appointed textbook for self-taught higher education entrance examination

2006   Traveling in a Book Design World (team work)

2008   Dialogues, a design foundation textbook for the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (team work)

2008 Literary World, a book design textbook for the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University


Graduation Projects Supervised by Wang:

Research on Unification Design of Magazine 

Reading Design and Research on Interactive E-magazine

Research on China Comic Strip in the 20th Century

Research on Systematic Design for


Major Projects Led by Wang:

1. Overall design and production for Collected Paintings at Ziguang Pavilion, Zhong Nan Hai commissioned by General Office of the State Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China

2. Large painting album State Power Dispatching Center for State Power Bureau

5. Large painting album Legacy and Transcending, a design work for international bidding design program for new school site for the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

6. Overall design for China Design Yearbook

7. Overall design for Decoration magazine

8. Overall design for A Collection of China Hundred Designers 

9. Painting album for the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Shangri-La, Diqing, Yunnan

10. Stamp album for the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

11. 2007’ Women’s World Cup Stamp Album

13. Ancient Chinese Ceramic Painting, an official gift book for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 

14. 2009 Most Beautiful Hainan – a gift book for Hainan International Tourism Island

15. Design of Visual Identity (VI) for China Hi-tech Group Corporation – a state-owned enterprise directly supervised by the central government and one of Fortune Top 500 in 2009

13. A Witness of the History in the Past 50 Years – Art Design Works by Chen Hanmin

16. Overall plan and gift design for Chinese Economists 50 Forum


Current Research Project:

Research on Design for “Harmony” CRH Train


Prizes and Honors:

1993   Typeface design won prize at 1993’ Japan Osaka International Typesetting Competition

1995   Book design won Gold Prize for Central Exhibition Area and Bronze Prize for National Exhibition Area at the 4th National Book Design Art Exhibition

1998   Silver Prize for Central Exhibition Area at the 5th National Book Design Art Exhibition

2002   Two posters won the Silver Prize in the 1st China Design Competition

2002   A poster selected in the China-Japan-Korea Invitational Exhibition held in Japan

2003   Selected prize in the 2nd Chinese Graphic Design Competition

2004   Book design selected in the “Book Design Art in China” invitational exhibition in Korea

2004   Two sets of VI designs won the Prize of China Excellent Design

2004   Silver Prize, the 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition

2005   Silver Prize, Prize of Excellence at the 6th National Book Design Exhibition

2006   A poster selected into the China-Korea Poster Design Exhibition

2008   Participated in the China Book Design Exhibition (Beijing and Frankfurt)

2009   Participated in the Hand-made Book International Invitational Exhibition held in Cheongju, Korea

2009 A number of his design works won Prize of Best Creation and Prize of Excellence at the 7th National Book Design Art Exhibition