Yuan Bo

Yuan Bo

Degree: Doctor

Professional Title: Associate Professor


Concurrent Posts Held at Important Academic Bodies:

Member of the “Art Subcommittee of the Committee on Directing Teaching of Liberal Arts and Computer Basics in Institutions of Higher Learning of the Ministry of Education”


Research Direction:

Graphic symbols and their systematic design


Academic Proposition:

It may also be referred to as academic viewpoint or research content, further elaborating the research direction, explaining the content, significance and method of research and her academic viewpoint and consisting of 300-500 words.

Today, against the historical context of an increasingly complex communication environment, increasingly frequent cross-cultural exchanges and increasingly diverse needs for visual culture, more and more information is communicated conveniently, quickly and efficiently in a visual way. In a communication system based on graphic symbols, factors including increasingly huge amounts of information, increasingly complex information structures and increasingly diversified communication channels pose complex challenges to graphic symbols and their systematic design and communication and at the same time also pose a huge challenge to the concepts and methods of design.

Based on graphic symbols and the practice and theory of system design and with the aid of relevant research results in research fields such as communication, semiotics and visual culture, the research project holistically examines the impact of the external environment composed of factors including the current information communication environment, audience’s cognitive style, visual culture and business culture on graphic symbols in aspects ranging from communication function, form of expression and system structure to mode of transmission and constructs graphic symbols and their systematized design and design methods as a whole to make them an effective methodology for solving problems of the visual communication design system.

The image and landscape design of the Beijing Olympics is a system design project that involves system planning of visual images, design and development of image elements and design organization and management. Its huge scale and complex system made it one of the most spectacular visual communication design projects in the world so far. Through participation in the design practice of the design project, she systematically sorted out and analyzed the complex design system to derive from it a kind of holistic, systematic and harmony-seeking design philosophy, which not only set an example for the building of national image in international cultural exchanges, but also provided experience for sustainable development of China’s design and enriched the methodology of contemporary design. Of course, different conditions create different design systems and design methods. The research will continue to explore more diverse graphical symbol system design methods in design practice.


Academic Achievements:

Design practice:

1. In 2005, as a member of the “Beijing 2008 Olympic Games core graphics and sports icons” creation team, she participated in designing the core image “the auspicious cloud”.

2. In 2007, as a member of the “Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games official posters modification team”, she participated in designing official posters. In December 2008, "official posters of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games" won the special award for Olympic design of China Red Star Design Award

Theoretical research: (Papers and works published)

1. Creates the Harmonious Beauty of the Beijing Olympic Games, Creativity and Design, issue No. 2, 2009, page 82-89.

2. Concentrated Olympic Games, Editor-in-Chief of the Cultural Activities Department of BOCOG: Move the World with Splendid Chinese Culture, Beijing, Contemporary China Publishing House, 2009 edition, page 34-37.

3. Colorful Auspicious Cloud, Editor-in-Chief of the Cultural Activities Department of BOCOG: Move the World with Magnificent Chinese Culture, Beijing, Contemporary China Publishing House, 2009 edition, page 41-45.

4. My View on the Present Situation of CI Development, Decoration, issue No.6, 1997.

5. The Integration of Corporate Image, Heilongjiang Fine Arts Publishing House, 2000 edition.


Course Overview:

Main courses: Advertising Design, Study on Advertising Media, Study on Morphology, Space Composition, Graduation Project, etc.