Zhang Huoyan

Zhang Huoyan

Degree: Master

Professional title: Associate Professor


Research Direction:

Formal language of visual expression 

Research on the formal language of visual expression is aimed at expanding the potential of artistic creation. Centered on graphics modeling, based on certain modeling expressive ability and through the modeling creation practice and the pioneering undertaking of comprehensively utilizing the creative thinking capability of visual languages such as composition, modeling, color and material quality and texture, the research allows various factors of modeling and creation to play a bigger role in visual communication design. The source of creativity lies in perception, and the channel of perception lies in coordinated use of hand, eye, heart and brain. Modeling and creativity are inseparable, good ideas need modeling to reflect their aesthetic value; flexible thinking and imaginative expression need to be communicated by visual language. Therefore, it requires perfect modeling capability, which is derived from relatively comprehensive creation of formative arts rich in aesthetic feelings rather than realistic modeling training. The research emphasizes integration and complementation between various disciplines, strives to dovetail the basic with the professional in terms of innovation capability and requires people to get first-hand experience and discover creative materials by learning from real life to develop unique capabilities to observe, imagine and express.


Academic Achievements:

In 2001, his work Small Bridge, Water And Household took part in the “Explore the Beauty of the New Century” Exhibition in Japan.

In 2005, he participated in the international seminar on exchanging experience in poster exhibitions between Tokyo, China and France and made a keynote speech titled Thinking on Design Education Against the Backdrop of A Digital Age.

In 2005, he held the Exhibition of Works by Zhang Huoyan / Ning Ningning (Beijing MeiA Gallery)

In 2006, he held the Exhibition of Works by Zhang Huoyan / Ning Ningning (Beijing Cocolan Gallery)

In 2007, his work Fahai Temple took part in the exhibition (Tokyo University of the Arts)

In 2008, he held the Exhibition of Paintings by Zhang Huoyan (Qinhuangdao Sunshine Gallery)

He has published the book Creative Expression of Visual Design (Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House)


Course Overview:

Undergraduate courses: Visual Expression and Color Design; graduate courses: Visual Expression.  



In 2000, his work Dome was nominated for award at the International Exhibition of Art and Science.