Bai Ming

Bai Ming


Head of Ceramic Design Department

Graduate Supervisor

From Yugan, Jiangxi province, and graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1994

Academic Positions

An IAC member in International Ceramic Association of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ),

Secretary-General in Ceramic Craft Committee of Chinese Artists Association,

Member of Chinese Artists Association,

Member of China Oil Paintings Association,

Art director of,

Deputy editor in the magazine Chinese Ceramist,

Specially-appointed Professor in School of Art and Design in Hubei University of Technology,

Visiting professor of Guangxi Arts Institute.

Research Interest:

Theoretically, he focuses on comparative study on modern ceramic craft at home and abroad.

Practically speaking, he focuses on the creation and research on modern ceramic craft style as ceramic is used as the main material

Academic Proposition:

Based on Chinese traditional culture and schema background, I have thought deeply about the creation and the teaching of ceramic craft in Chinese universities and practiced them against the background of world modern art. I am not interested in plain textual and theoretical study, or the creation of works with so-called personal style without any theoretical foundation. I do my best to make theory and practice work together, and form the education model which can be promoted.

Academic Achievement

In 2004, he received Contribution Award for Promoting Chinese Modern Ceramic Craft in the Great Hall of the People. He carried out independently a research of “Traditional Crafts of Porcelain Making in Jindezhen” in Tsinghua University, a 985 research project, winning the 14th China Book Prize. He has published seven collections of individual works, and has complied nine series of books containing 22 volumes in total. In 2001, with the invitation of International Ceramic Centre in Philadelphia, America and several other universities, he worked, taught, and exhibited in America for half a year. In 2002, he went to Switzerland to give lectures and attend exhibitions as requested. In 2005 and 2009, he was invited to America to give lectures again. In 2009, he was invited to France to work and give lectures, where he also held an exhibition.

Solo Exhibition

In 1999, he held the 1st solo exhibition in Beijing International Art Palace, and at the same time held “Bai Ming Abstract Art Seminar”. In 2001, he held the 2nd solo exhibition in Art Gallery of Beijing International Art Palace. In 2002, he held Bai Ming’s Oil Painting & Ceramic Craft Works Exhibition in Taichung and Xuanmen Art Gallery of Taipei. In 2000, Bai Ming’s Paintings Exhibition and Bai Ming’s Ceramic Exhibition were held in the gallery of Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University. In 2005, “Elephant Is Aeriform”--Bai Ming’s Drawing Exhibition was held. In 2007, Xiang Wang-- Bai Ming’s Abstract Art Exhibition was held. In 2009, Bai Ming Sculpture Works Exhibition was held in Vallauris, France, and Bai Ming’s Blue-and-White World Exhibition was held in Montmorillon, France. In 2010, Transformation and Manufacturing—the Abstract Road for Bai Ming was held at Jindu Art Gallery, as well as The White of Clouds--Bai Ming’s Works Exhibition.


In 1994, he won the prize at 93’ Boya Oil Painting Megagame. In the same year, he won the Hirayama Ikuo Prize in Japan. In 2002, he won the Honorable Mention in the 9th International Art Exhibition, a silver medal in the 7th National Ceramic Competition, and a silver medal in the 1st Tsinghua Gongmei Cup Teachers’ Works Exhibition. In 2003, he won the gold medal in China Youth Ceramist Scholar Invitation Exhibition. In 2004, he won the Honorable Mention in the 1st Ceramic Exhibition held by Chinese Artists Association, a bronze medal in the 10th National Art Exhibition, the Literature Award in the 1st Art Literature Exhibition, and the Contribution Award for spreading China’s modern ceramic craft, which was received in the Great Hall of the People. In 2009, he won the Honorable Mention of Chinese Fine Arts Creation Award in the 11th National Art Exhibition.


2001: Bai Ming’s Ceramic Arts, and Bai Ming’s Paintings

2002: Collection of Bai Ming’s 99 Works in Exhibition, and Designing Era--The Studio Report of Bai Ming, China’s Well-Known Designer

2003: The Sensation of Life—The Blue-And-White World of Bai Ming

2005: Bai Ming’s Paintings, and Bai Ming’s Ceramic Works

2007: Xiang Wang—the Abstract Art of Bai Ming

2009: Bai Ming’s Paintings, and the New-Born Blue-And-White--Bai Ming’s Ceramic Works (in French and English)


2000, Chinese Ancient Ceramic Pictures, consisting of five volumes, (coauthor), Xinjiang Art and Photograph Publishing House

2001, The Overview of World Modern Ceramic, Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

2002, World’s Modern Ceramic-Foreign Language Version, and World’s Modern Ceramic-Chinese Version, Xinjiang Art and Photograph Publishing House

The Traditional Crafts of Porcelain Making in Jindezhen, Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

Foreign Countries’ Modern Ceramic Classics, Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

Lectures Given by Star Teachers—Speaking of Ceramic, Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House

2003, Today’s Ceramic in China, Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

2005, New Interpretation of Ceramic—the Scholar Invitation Exhibition for Chinese Young Ceramists, Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

Well-Known Ceramists Studios, (eight volumes in total), Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House

2010, The White of Clouds


2000, China Modern Ceramic Works Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands (cooperated with others)

2001, New Blue-And-White Exhibition, Beijing (cooperated with others)

2005, New Interpretation of Ceramic—the Scholar Invitation Exhibition for Chinese Young Ceramists, Guangdong Art Gallery

2006, Exhibition of World’s Modern Ceramic Literature, University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

2007, Reading Olympics, ten volumes in total, key published book in Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

2010, Paper and Ink 2010 Shanghai Expo, the China Paper and Ink Invitation Exhibition, Zero Carbon Museum of Shanghai World Expo

Academic Teaching:

Main courses include Ceramic Decoration, Modern Ceramic Craft, and Graduation Projects.