Dong Suxue

Associate professor

Director of Academic Affairs Office, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Secretary of the Academic Degrees Committee, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Academic Title:Associate secretary, Art Education Division of Beijing

Research Interest: Traditional Chinese Ceramic Design and Craft

Academic Propositions:

The artistic creation of ceramics lies in the combination of art and science. We can explore the indescribable beauty of craftworks through the mastery of techniques in ceramic making, such as the mixing of glaze ingredients, the adjusting of firing temperature and atmosphere, etc. With the help of fire, we can bring out the ornamental texture and visual effect of ceramic works, endowing them with life and reaching the “unity of man and heaven”. 

Academic Achievements:

In the process of teaching, theoretical study should be combined with practices such as the mixing of glaze ingredients, firing techniques, wheel techniques, etc.

The major achievements include the preparation and firing of oil-spots glaze, and iron-red glaze, etc.

In June, 2001, he independently translated and published a book series, including Ceramics Class, Wheel Techniques, Hand-Building Techniques, Molding Techniques, Decorating Techniques, Glazing Techniques (Jilin Fine Arts Press).

In 2000, he co-published Ceramic Preliminary (VCD version).

Paper were published, including "Oil-spots Temmoku".

Scientific Research Projects Participation: 

The Theory and Practice of Artistic Design, a research on innovative mechanism based on the combination of art and science.

Representative Works: 

Oil-spots Jian Temmoku Bowls

Late Autumn Bowl series

Iron-Red Glaze Bowl

Academic Teaching: 

Ceramic Crafts Fundamentals

Wheeling and Molding

Ceramic Design