Li Zheng’an

Li Zheng’an

Professor of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

From 1996 to 1997, he worked as a foreign teacher serving in College of Fine and Applied Art at Sudan University of Science and Engineering.

From 2001 to 2002, he went to the University of Wolverhampton and Kent Institute of Art and Design of Britain for cooperative research, and held solo exhibitions in Bilston Craft Gallery and Kent Art Center.

His “Harmony” won first prize in the National Ceramic Contest, “Ceramic Design” won the second prize for excellent teaching materials at Tsinghua University, and “Dynamic Series” has been selected into domestic and foreign museums as well as private collection.


Academic Membership:

Chief Editors of Ceramics Science & Art

Expert at China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center

Expert to review the National Geographical Indication Products at General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine


Research Interests:

One. Education Research on Chinese and Foreign Ceramic Design

Two. Study on Application of Ceramic Product Design


Academic Proposition:

Teachers should have an overall understanding of the discipline, and they should incorporate relevant theoretical considerations in their papers and teaching materials. They cannot just rely on personal experiences, qualifications, strict requirements or inspection mechanism. Otherwise, the role of theory, the integrity of education and the credibility of the school will be questioned.

Academic achievements of teachers should be constantly enriched and updated, and they should be complemented, adjusted and improved theoretically and practically to meet the teaching and social needs. In cultivating talents, they should not teach without theories but should teach systematically.

Design education is not a pure theoretical area, and it requires a combination of design and practice. We should establish basic teaching facilities and provide open and convenient management services on the campus, and we should also draw support from the outside for more information and resources.


Academic Achievements:


Modern Ceramic Design (1998), Illustration of Chinese Ceramic Art (1999), Illustration of Foreign Ceramic Art (1999), Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House; 

Ceramic Design (2002), China Academy of Art Press, 

Learning and System Teaching of Ceramics –Education Research of Ceramic Design in Chinese Universities, 2008, Hunan Education Publishing House


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A Study on Decorative Forms of Artifact in Dangyangyu Kiln Site, Decoration, 2010 (8).


Academic Teaching:

Courses: Foundation of Ceramic Form, History of Modern Ceramic Design, Ceramics Design, Graduation Project, Graduation Thesis.

He also serves as a postgraduate and PhD supervisor.