Qiu Gengyu

Qiu Gengyu, Associate Professor

Born in 1962


Associate Professor, Master Supervisor

Member of Chinese Artists Association

Member of Chinese Traditional Craft Association

Research Interest:
Modern Chinese folk ceramic and modern ceramic creation
Academic Proposition:

In terms of modern folk ceramic, I am fairly interested in exploring the connections between folk ceramics and the geographic environment, natural economy and lifestyle. In addition, I have done in-depth researches on traditional ceramics. Since folk ceramic is a major component of Chinese ceramic culture as well as a carrier for traditional culture, we need to see it from an objective and rational perspective, and to conduct researches in a scientific way. In terms of artistic creation, I focused on the concept of modern ceramic creation, looking for a new form to express modern people’s recognition of ceramics and their spiritual pursuits through creative practice. These two seemingly different research orientations gave me a chance to appreciate the avant-garde art with a historical perspective and to recognize traditional ceramic from a fresh angle. I hope I can find a suitable entry point between tradition and modernity while maintaining the ability to shift back and forth between them to demonstrate the truth, goodness, and beauty in art. I also hope to extol the strength of life without falling into the conventional pattern in the ancient times, being confined by secular barriers, blindly worshiping foreign things, or calling other people’s ideas my own.

Academic Achievement:

I have been devoting myself to exploring modern ceramics, including its subject matter, manifestations and display. I have created art works such as The Dream of the Horse, The Classical Heritage, View of Myself, The Western Landscape, and Restoration, to name a few. These works have been displayed in various professional exhibitions both at home and abroad. In addition, some of these ceramic works have been collected by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, the Chinese Art Gallery and other art collectors around the world.

Many of my academic theses have been published in magazines like Literature & Art Studies, Decoration, The Art World, and World Vision and so on. Some of these theses covered research topics such as folk ceramic, traditional sculpture and modern ceramic creation, while others looked into the development of our national ceramic industries and ceramic education.

I also published a monograph entitled Research on Modern Chinese Folk Ceramic (published by Hebei Fine Art Publishing House in 2005). It was approved by the Ministry of Education in the first group of research projects on humanities and social science as part of the Tenth Five-year Plan. This project was based on field work and was regarded by many as the first professional book about modern Chinese folk ceramic based on comprehensive researches.

I also wrote Folk Techniques of Ceramics--the fifth volume of The Complete Collections of Traditional Chinese Crafts (published by Daxiang Publishing House in 2004). It was edited by Lu Yongxiang, and was also listed as one of the major scientific research results and one of the major publication projects of General Administration of Press and Publication in the Ninth Five-year Plan. Furthermore, the volume won the First Outstanding Publication Award of China (Book Award).

I wrote The Feature of Folk Craft---Ceramic, one of the six volumes of The History of Chinese Folk-custom, edited by Zhong Jingwen (published by People’s Publishing House in 2008). This was a key publication project at Beijing Normal University.

I also served as the chief editor for a volume entitled Pottery Making in the Series of Chinese Handicrafts, co-edited by Hua Jueming and Li Mianlu (published by Daxiang Publishing House in 2010). Beginning with the introduction and proceeding to the varieties of traditional ceramic, this book explored the ideas behind the techniques and procedures of making traditional Chinese ceramic. It is regarded as the professional book which introduced the history of Chinese ceramics development.

I also published my own collection of works, i.e. Approaching Ceramics House--Qiu Gengyu (published by Shangdong Art Publishing House in 2008).

Ongoing projects:

1. Chief editor for the second volume of Chinese Ceramic Art in the 20th Century. The books contain three volumes, and the compilation began in 2008.

2. Assistant editor for “The Ceramics in Dahuaware”  in a book entitled The Sequel of Ceramic in the Complete Collections of Traditional Chinese Crafts directed by Lu Yongxiang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Project approved in 2008).

3. A research program entitled “Research on Pottery Making of Ethnic Groups in Western Region of China” has been approved as an Art Project under National Social Science Fund of 2010.

Academic Teaching:

Basic Molding; Traditional Ceramic Sculpture; Modern Ceramics Creation; Thesis Writing.