Wang Yaoling

Wang Yaoling, Associate Professor

Personal Resume:

Wang Yaoling

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor.

Graduated from Department of Ceramic Arts Design of the previous Central Arts and Crafts College in 1984, and is now serving as a teacher in Department of Ceramic Arts Design of Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University.


Academic Positions

Member of Ceramics Division of China Industrial Design Association


Research Interest: 

Innovation and application of modern ceramic tea set design

Design and application of modern ceramic decoration


Academic Proposition: 

During the years of teaching and creation, we devoted ourselves to the ceramic course we loved with a passion for creation and a responsible attitude, and displayed the daily ceramics of different times and tastes with a unique design to satisfy the needs of teaching and the market. At the same time, our teaching is not only to pass down the Chinese ceramic culture, but also to lead the Chinese design to the forefront of the trend, and to provide references for students.

In teaching and individual creation, I’ve always believed that designs should be people-oriented, combining beauty and practicability. Therefore, I’ve  emphasized the teaching principles of applying theory into practice to develop creative thinking, especially the creative consciousness of students. We captured the market information timely, and kept pace with the latest fashion and life styles to constantly develop our research, combining product design and aesthetic creation to provide the richest, most suitable and most wonderful product to satisfy the material and spiritual needs of people. Only in this way can we improve the quality of modern design and life style.


Academic Teaching

Basics of Ceramic Modeling, Ceramic Design, Basics of Ceramic Decoration (optional class), Chinese and Foreign Design Researches of Ceramic Decoration (optional class for graduate students), Basics of Vignette (basic course), and graduation thesis


Academic Achievement

Thesis: Prospect of Tea and Coffee Set Design; Innovation and the Origin of Design; Exploration on the Innovation and Development of Sanitary Appliance; Creation Prevails; Market Opportunity of Designs


1996—1997: Tea sets Harmony and Charm have won the second and third prizes respectively in National Daily Ceramic Design and Creation in 1998

2005: The work From Lotus Flower to Lotus Root won the Excellence Award in the first Ceramic Innovation of Chinese Institutes

2006: The work Perfect Match was selected into the first National Exhibition of Ceramic Works held by the National Art Museum of China 

In September, 2007: Wang held a personal exhibition in Cité Internationale des Arts in Sep.

2008: Tea set Hover won the second prize in the Second Joint Exhibition of Five Universities, and is now collected by Seoul National University.

2009: The work Rhyme was selected into the eleventh National Arts Exhibition of Art Qorks and Design.

The rest of Wang’s works were frequently exhibited at home and broad, and some of them have been collected by individual collectors.