Wang Hui

Wang Hui, Associate Professor

Born in 1968

Wang Hui, lecturer

Master’s Degree

Academic Positions:

Visiting professor at American HOOD College

Visiting professor of Wuxi Vocational and Technical College

Deputy director of Culture and Art Seminar of Yixing Zisha Trade Association

Research Interest:

Research on Chinese traditional ceramic crafts

Creation and research on traditional ceramic tea wares

Academic Proposition:

Chinese traditional ceramic craft reached great artistic levels with its abundant artistic forms. The major purpose and significance of our research is how to keep developing Chinese ceramic craft and how to make it serve our modern lives. The only way to achieve such objectives is design and creation in the modern living environment. The creation of modern ceramic craft must be based on cultural background, material features, and functions of different categories, and strive to fit the needs of modern life style and aesthetics. Different material features form different artistic styles; different functions shape different artistic forms; different cultural connotation forms different artistic charms. Only through exploring the cultural connotation of different ceramics and analyzing the features and functions of different ceramic material can we design and create art works that correspond the modern life style and the needs of contemporary aesthetics, and maintain the individual culture possessed by the ceramic.

Academic Achievement:

In 2007, he compiled and published The Shimmer of Mauve Jade—the Valuing and Appreciating of China Yixing Clay.

In 2009, he compiled and published The Clear Stream of Purple Rhyme –Contemporary Yixing Clay Art.

His work Fun was collected in Wuxi Museum, Sound of Flowing Water was selected into the 10th National Art Exhibition, Penta-color Soil was collected and displayed by Ziguang Pavilion of Zhongnanhai, and Fantastic Tea Time was collected in Collected Works of Contemporary Chinese Art, etc.

Academic Teaching:

Traditional Ceramic Craft (I); Traditional Ceramic Craft (II); Graduation Project.