Yin Hang

Yin Hang, Lecturer

Received bachelor’s degree from Department of Ceramic Arts Design, Central Arts and Crafts College in 1999

Received master’s degree from Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design in 2007, majoring in Ceramic Arts Design and Painting

Served as a teacher in Department of Ceramic Arts Design, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University since 2008


Academics Achievement:

In 2007, he won Award for Outstanding Graduates in Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) in Germany.

In 2010, he won Achievement Award of Peter Siemssen in Germany with his excellent ceramic craft.


His works have been exhibited in several exhibitions in Europe and China.

The next exhibition “Celebrating Chinese New Year–The Great Melting” is on Sep. 15th, 2010, in Hamburg, Germany (“Die Form ist Yin" in German).

His works was also selected into “Exhibition of Chinese and German Female Ceramists’ Works”


Research Interest: 

The design and development research of ceramics in Europe

(The research on the developmental history of Rosenthal)

Having studied in Germany for several years, he knew about the society, the humanistic thoughts and the values of the European continent. At the same time, he had the advantage of language. Therefore, he can conduct in-depth researches. After working for two years in China, he changed his research orientation gradually to the development of European old ceramic enterprises, taking well-known German ceramic producers as examples. Looking into Rosenthal as an example, this world well-known ceramic brand’s path through prosperity, turbulence and transformation may be helpful for Chinese ceramics industry that is gradually developing. Indeed, things differ in thousands of ways, so we can not copy others’ experiences, but he tried to summarize some best practices of successful ceramic brands and seek the developing path for Chinese ceramic industry, a new question to answer for an old industry.


Academic Teaching: 

The Basics of Ceramic Design; Traditional Ceramic Craft; The Exploration in the Lab--Ceramic Craft Design