Jia Xizeng

Jia Xizeng Lecturer Doctor

Dr. Jia Xizeng delivered a speech at an international academic conference in South Korea


Research Direction:

The Art of Ancient Chinese Costume


Academic Proposition:

The art of ancient Chinese costume, an important part of ancient Chinese civilization, is also a precious heritage in the world’s cultural treasure. In recent years, along with the rise of the China’s economy and the rapid development of China's garment industry, there is an upsurge of re-valuing the national costume culture. Meanwhile, fashion designers in the West keep introducing elements of Chinese costume culture into their new works. In particular, a number of international conferences and activities held in China in recent years made the traditional Chinese clothing a global fashion trend and have caught the world's attention.


Currently, the researches on the Chinese ancient costume art are all limited to the literature exploration, and do not involve much about the ritual systems, structures as well as clipping and sewing of ancient clothing. The ritual systems, structures as well as tailoring patterns are an important part of the ancient Chinese costume culture. Jia Xizeng is dedicated to the research on the ritual systems, manufacturing process, structures and tailoring patterns of ancient Chinese costumes based on documentations and physical materials of ancient costumes in China in order to deepen the understanding of the ancient Chinese costume culture and contribute to the theoretical development of Chinese clothing.


Jia Xizeng’s research is to systematically sort out ritual systems, to draw clipping graphics and reproduce physical materials by employing research methods such as checking historical documents, referring to the extant image data, measuring physical materials, and learning from the research results of the predecessors.


Research Achievements:

Jia Xizeng presided over and completed the Research on Chinese Ancient Headgear funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China in 2007, published a dozen of academic papers, and restored the costumes of Cai Lun of the Eastern Han Dynasty and the costumes of Confucius of the Spring and Autumn Periods for British sculptor Mr. Szeto. Dr. Jia was invited by Yip Kam Tim’s Studio as a styling consultant; was invited by Lu Chuan, director of King's Feast (also known as The Banquet at the Hong Gate), as the film’s modeling consultant; he completed the exhibition planning and text description for the China Ancient Headgears Museum sponsored by Shengxifu, a time-honored Chinese hat manufacturer, and served as the academic advisor for the Ancient Chinese Men’s Costume Museum sponsored by Septwolves.


Course Overview:

History of Ancient Chinese Costumes