Jia Jingsheng


Jia Jingsheng Professor, Master Degree, Master Supervisor

Director of the China Fashion & Color Association and member of the Color Education Committee

Member of the China Professional Committee of Home Textiles Art & Culture, researcher on home textile trend

Appraiser for Professional Home Textile Designer of the Ministry of Labor

Member of the Steering Sub-committee of Fine Arts Teaching under the Ministry of Education Steering Committee of Computer Basics Teaching for Arts Majors

Member of the Evaluation Committee of Intermediate Position Qualification for Arts & Crafts organized by the China Textile & Apparel Association 

Judge for the National Textiles Design Competition & International Theory Symposium

Judge for the China University Student (Liberal Art) Computer Design Competition Finals


Research Direction:

Research on the design, theory and history of textile and dyeing art


Academic Proposition:

The research on the design, theory and history of textile and dyeing art has to be based on nature, be centered around human, emphasize creation, value aesthetics, and be application-oriented so as to create a poetic and comfortable habitat for human beings. A nature-based design research is characterized by sustainable development, co-existence of human and nature as well as green design; a human-centered design research fully satisfies humanity and people-based needs; a design research that emphasizes creation is to create a new lifestyle for human beings; a design that values aesthetics is to construct aesthetic prospect for human life; an application-oriented design research is aimed at closely integrating with the practical application.


Academic Achievements:

Jia Jingsheng has published and compiled 17 books on the research of design, theory and history of textile and dyeing art totaling about 2.7 million words.

Representative books include:

Garment Colors, 500,000 words, Higher Education Press;

Computer and Dyeing & Textile Design, 450,000 words, Tsinghua University Press

A Course in Wax Printing Design, 440,000 words, Tsinghua University Press;

Garment Color Design, Higher Education Press;

Construction Art, Central Radio & TV University Press;

Computer-based Graphic Art & Design, Jilin Education Press;

Teaching Reference on Color Painting, Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

Jia Jingsheng has published about 100 research papers totaling about 1 million words, of which 14 were published on core journals.

Representative papers include:

An Analysis on China City Culture Color and Color Culture Issues, published on the journal of Decoration in 2008;

Similar Elegance and Distinct Beauty, published on the journal of Decoration in 2010;

Some Thoughts on the Reform of China Dyeing Art Education, published on the journal of Decoration in 2005;

All-round Innovation of China Home Textile Industry, published on the journal of Decoration in 2003;

Home Textile Design and Systematic Environment Awareness, published on the journal of Decoration in 1989;

Considerations on “Universal” and “Specific” in Textile Dyeing Teaching in China, published on New Arts in 2005;

Treating Intangible Cultural Heritage from A Cultural Perspective, published on National Art Museum of China in 2006;

Specific with Appropriate Degree, Universal with Proper Method, published in The Paper Collection of the Symposium on Teaching and Application of Textile-Dyeing Design in International Arts Colleges, 2003;

The Gap between Fashion Design Education and Demand in China, published in The Paper Collection of the Summit on Garment Design Teaching in International Arts Colleges in 2005.

Jia has participated in dozens of domestic art design and research projects as well as large-scale art exhibitions at home and abroad, including:

Relief Pattern Design of 56 Ethic Groups on The China Millennium Monument;

Taking charge of design projects of “China Quality Ding” and “China User Satisfactory Ding” by China Association for Quality;

Collections of Ancient Chinese Textile-Dyeing Embroidery, a research project of Digital Museum by the Ministry of Education and the Academy of Art & Design of Tsinghua University;

Formulation of The National Professional Standard of Home Textiles Designer, a project by the Ministry of Labor;

Basic Requirements on Computer Teaching in Colleges, a project by the Steering Committee of Computer Basics Teaching for Arts Majors under the Ministry of Education 

Garment Colors, Computer and Dyeing & Textile Design, research projects of “11th Five-year” National Planned Textbooks for Institutions of Higher Learning by the Ministry of Education;

Taking charge of the research project of Inheritance and Application of Folk Hand Batik Techniques;

Participating in Batik Arts & Design of Traditional Textile-dyeing Art & Design, which is an elaborate course project in Tsinghua University, Beijing Municipality and a national-level course.



2 first prizes; 4 second prizes; 3 third prizes and 15 excellence awards, including:

Computer and Dyeing & Textile Design, first prize for excellent textbooks of Tsinghua University in 2008;

On the Origin of Trend Color, first prize for papers at National Textiles Design Competition in 2001;

Improve International Image of Made-in-China Through Cultural Innovation in Textiles Products, second prize for papers at First China Textile Enterprise Culture Year in 2004;

On the Origin of Artistic Color of Human Dress, second prize for solicit articles at National Theory and Review of Literature and Art in 2005;

Computer Courseware for Apparel Fabric Design, second prize at the sixth National Evaluation on A/V Education Programs in Light Industry Colleges in 1999;

“Establishing An Art and Design Teaching System Which Helps Foster the Competitive Edge in Textile Industry”, The 2nd Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement, Tsinghua University (team project), 2004;

On Scientific Recognition and Application of Trend Color in Costume Design, third prize at China Trend Color Thesis Competition in 2003;

History and Origin of Western Color Painting, third prize for papers at Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival in 1997;

The Returning Shepherd, Prize of Excellence, Exhibition of China Arts & Design Colleges, 1990;

Internet World, Prize of Excellence at the third Asia Fiber Art Exhibition in 2002;

Prize of Teaching Excellence, Tsinghua University, 2002


Jia Jingsheng has participated in dozens of art exhibitions, including: Unshaped at the Asian Fiber Art Exhibition in 2001; The Returning Shepherd at the China Art & Craft Masters’ Works Exhibition in 1994; The Ethereal Third Asia Fiber Art Exhibition in 2002; Personalities, From Lausanne to Beijing International Fiber Art Exhibition, 2002.at the Contemporary Design & Art Exhibition in 1997; Human and the Nature at the International Art and Science Works Exhibition in 2001; Flying Apsaras and Persona at the Wall Hanging Art Exhibition in 1988; The Thinker Travelling Alone at the Third China Contemporary Art & Craft Colleges Exhibition in 2008; Birds Returning to Forest at an exhibition in Ecuador in 1989; Birds at The West ·The West Art Exhibition in 2001; Origin · Predestination · Circle and Internet World in 2002.


Course Overview:

Theoretical courses: History of Chinese Textile Patterns, Thesis Writing & Graduate Thesis, History of Chinese Textile Culture (Postgraduate Course) and Survey Concerning a Specialized Subject.

Professional design courses: Printing and Dyeing CAD, Expression of Computer Design, Computer Aided Design (College Optional Course), Artistic Design of Printing and Dyeing, Graduation Design and Modern Textile and Dyeing Art (Postgraduate Course).