Lu Min

Lu Min Professor, Master Supervisor

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree


Academic Titles:

Expert Member of Image Design for the Ministry of Culture

Expert Member for City Image Design of Beijing

Director of the Beijing Garment Association


Research Direction:

Apparel product design and brand planning


Academic Proposals:

Since “market first” is the purpose of fashion design, fashion products should not be divorced from consumers and market needs, which is the essence and key of design.


Product design and brand planning serve as the lifeline of clothing enterprises’ development, so designers can only achieve market and economic benefits by making objective-oriented design based on market needs and in combination with enterprises’ product culture.


Market research targeting at different brands can be conducted so as to differentiate their consumer groups and product structure as well as to design fashion product needed by the market. In addition, visual design and style design of brands can be carried out to systematically improve the overall brand style to sharpen the enterprise’s competitive edge in the market.


Teaching and academic activities should be combined with social practice and students should apply their knowledge acquired in the class to design practice so as to examine its feasibility and open up a broader teaching space. Art and design practice plays a key part in cultivating a designer but they should not be the ultimate goal. We should attach importance to combining design with reality, cultivating creative sense and practice ability through design practice, developing design products that meet market demand and training talents with practical skills.


Academic Achievements:

Academic projects and awards:

Splendid Chinese Civilization - Chinese Fashion was awarded the Prize of World Best Cultural Website at UN World Summit; Fundamentals of Fashion Designs was listed as “Ninth Five-Year” ministerial-level textbook and was awarded the Prize of Excellent Textbook for Beijing Higher Education; Fashion Sketch and Conceptual Fashion Design were listed as “11th Five-Year” ministerial-level textbooks.


Published Papers:

“The Garment Industry in the Financial Crisis – New Strategy for Fashion Brand”, Decoration, Issue 9, 2009

“Analysis on Fashion Design for Models at Auto Show”, Decoration, Issue 4, 2008


He published a number of other papers in journals.


He participated in Ceremonial Clothes Design for Chinese People’s Armed Police Force in 2006 and undertook product design and brand planning for Marmellata, an American children’s wear brand in 2007. In addition, he won Award of Excellent Fashion Appeal at “Humanistic Olympic” China Concept Fashion Appeal Design Competition in June 2008 and Third Prize of Costume Design for the Victory Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in July 2008. He took charge of opening ceremony costume design for Chinese athletes at the 2008 Olympic Games and TV play costume design.


Course Overview:

Undergraduate courses: Fashion Design, China’s Fashion History, Social Practice, and Graduation Design

Postgraduate course: History of Chinese Fashion Culture