Li Yingjun

Li Yingjun  Associate Professor

Master, Secretary of the CPC Party branch in the Textile and Fashion Design Department

Member of the Academic Committee of the China Fashion Association


Research Direction:

Ethnic culture and fashion design


Academic Proposal:

China's long history and splendid civilization not only provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary designers, but also become a spiritual home for Chinese designers. In today's information society with a high operating speed, the development of fashion design has to be in line with the international trend. Ethnic and folk costume culture and international fashion are the two endpoints of fashion design. This research is to explore the dialectical relationship between the international fashion based on these two key points and through practices. The research will not only provide some ideas for continuity and development of ethnic cultures, but also explore the diversity of the world’s costume cultures.


Academic Achievements:

Li Yingjun’s academic research and creations in recent years are mainly centered on the research direction mentioned above, and he takes ethnic and folk costume cultures as the design basis. He has accomplished serial fashion design works including Wenchuan Qiang (Qiang ethnic group), Ancient Tea-Horse Road (Naxi ethnic group), In the Tianshan Mountains (Uygur ethnic group), Yu Tang Chun (Han nationality), The River All Red (Han nationality), Farewell My Concubine (Han nationality), Heroes of the Greenwood (Han nationality), Past and Present (Han nationality), Fist of Fury (Han nationality) and so on. Among them, the design work Wenchuan Qiang was exhibited at the seventh Asia Fiber Art Exhibition and the 11th National Art Exhibition; Ancient Tea-Horse Road was exhibited at the Creative Fashion and Space International Exhibition; Past and Present was exhibited at the Interval - Textile and Fashion Design Exhibition; Yu Tang Chun was exhibited at the Invited Fashion Exhibition – Art & Asian Beauty; The River All Red was exhibited at the “Night of Italia” Fashion Show; Fist of Fury was exhibited at Life • Life - Exhibition of Works by Teachers from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua; Treasure & Fairy Flower Pattern was exhibited at the “Inheritance and Beyond” - the First Exhibition for China Contemporary Handmade Crafts Institutes; Heroes of the Greenwood was shown at the exhibition of works from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.

In addition, many of his design works have won gold, silver and other awards at national and international professional contests. Among them, Heroes of the Greenwood won gold award at the “Brother Cup” China International Young Fashion Designers Contest; Line and Map won a national award at France International Young Fashion Designers Contest; Fist of Fury won Innovation and Technology Prize at Hong Kong New Collection Award; Honey Trap and The River All Red won Silver Award at “Isunte Cup” National Fashion Designer Contest respectively; Farewell My Concubine won Bronze Prize at China-Switzerland Invitational Fashion Designer Contest.

Li Yingjun has published papers including Records and Research on Costumes of Miao Ethnic Minority in West Hunan, Survey and Study of Traditional Textile Clothing of Tujia Ethnic Group at Longshan in West Hunan, Integration and Development - On Localization and Internationalization of Apparels, Increasingly Vague National Costumes, To Observe the Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Costume Culture via the Chinese Tunic; and published five textbooks and monographs including Fashion Design, Modern Fashion Design, and Introduction to Fashion Design.


Course Overview:

Inspection on Ethnic and Folk Costume Cultures

Fashion Design

Techniques of Fashion Painting