Li Wei

Li Wei Professor Master Supervisor 

Visiting scholar to France

Director of Theory Committee of China Fashion Designers Association

Director of Association of Chinese National Dress

Advisor of Arts Council of National Costume Museum of Beijing Institute of Clothing

Chairman of Clothing Committee of Traditional Chinese Culture Promotion Committee


Research Interests:

Fashion Design and Theory (trends of folk costumes and international clothing, innovative design and theoretical studies of clothing)


Academic Propositions:

Starting from the traditional culture, we should research the carriers other than traditional clothing culture and clothing, the international clothing trends, and other areas, so as to form innovative clothing design concepts and theory integrating multiple elements.


Academic Achievements:

Since the 1990s, she has won a number of professional awards home and abroad, including: Gold Medal of "Tenth National Art Exhibition”; Award for Excellence of "Eleventh National Art Exhibition"; Silver Medal of China International Young Fashion Design Competition "Dalian Cup”; Bronze Medal of New Zealand "Wool Cup"; Award for Excellence of "International Fiber Art Biennale"; Award for Excellence "Science and Art" International Exhibition. She has been selected to designs clothes, ribbons, etc. for representative inheritors of national intangible cultural heritage project. She also undertook many projects including Studies on Apparel of Yi, the "Qipai" Intangible Cultural Heritage Research and Protection Fund Project of Art and Science Research Center of Tsinghua University, and Development of Functional Clothing Fabric of Chinese Herbal Medicine, the Chinese plant dyeing protection and development project and other projects.

Li Wei has always been committed to the study and creation of oriental visual aesthetics as well as the relationship between fiber art and clothing carrier. Her works, which break the concept of clothing and fibers, search for ancient Oriental aesthetic implication without being limited to the traditional artistic model. Her works have taken on a broader, more inclusive and internationalized art form. This brand new art form has won widespread attention and recognition in the art academic circle and fashion art circle. Since 1995, Li Wei has held four solo art exhibitions in Paris expressed though different medias, and participated in a number of worldwide group exhibitions on new artistic forms and themes of arts design, including: "International Design Biennial" in South Korea; "Body Art" Contemporary Art Exhibition in France; "Exhibition of Artists from Ten Countries" in France; "China Today - Art Exhibition at 60 anniversary of PRC" in South Korea; "Tenth National Art Exhibition" and "Eleventh National Art Exhibition” in China, etc.

Academic Papers and Publications: She has published monographs including Field Guide to the Chinese Traditional Clothing, Draping, Fashion Design and Skills, 12 People in Fashion Design and Character Image Design, and academic papers including Clothing Space, Choice of Culture from the Works of Issey Miyake, Has Clothing Entered a Neutral Era?, FASHION.SPACE, Thinking on Fashion Art Inspired by Fashion Ar, Draping and Clothing Styling, and Chinese Elements from the Perspective of Space Consciousness, among which Thinking on Fashion Art Inspired by Fashion Ar has won excellent paper award of Higher Institute of Tsinghua University in 2009 (third prize), and the title of National Outstanding Entrepreneurship Education Instructor awarded by China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation.


Course Teaching:

Clothing Innovative Design, Research on Chinese Minority Apparel, Design Appreciation, Analysis of International Clothing Trends, Shape, Materials and Fashion Design, Character Image Design, Draping.