Li Liting

Li Liting  Professor

Master Degree, Deputy Director of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design, Master Supervisor


Social Titles:

Member of the Eighth Expert Committee of the China Fashion & Color Association

Director of the Eighth Council of the China Fashion & Color Association

Deputy Director General of the Color Education Committee under the China Fashion & Color Association

Expert Member of Talent Center in Arts & Design under the Ministry of Culture

Expert Member of the China National Light Industry Council


Research Direction:

Fashion Color and Color Design


Academic Proposition:

1. Proposition of fashion color grading

Li Liting wrote the paper On the Grading of Fashion Color based on her research. Her academic proposals in this paper include: the fashion colors for formal occasions are generally purplish blue, black, dark brown, light tan, light grey, etc.; those for informal occasions are light yellow, orange, light purple, pink, etc.; the colors in-between these two kinds are deep grey, rust red, olive green, etc. We can divide these colors into three grades (“grade” here is neutral without any commendatory or derogatory meaning): colors for formal occasions are classified as “high-grade” colors; colors for informal occasions are classified as “non-high-grade colors; the colors between the two are classified as “sub-high-grade” colors. The grade phenomenon and cognition of fashion color still exists today.

2. Proposition of “fashion design starts with color”

In her master’s thesis: Fashion Design Starts with Color – Comparison and Analysis on Significances of Color in Fashion Design, she put forward the design method of “fashion design starting with color” and compared it with proposals of “fashion design starting with appearance” and “fashion design starting with fabric” and made relevant analysis. Advocating color’s significances as a specific method is creative in her thesis and she has published papers (in Chinese and English) on this idea both at home and abroad.


Academic Achievements:

Her theoretical research can be divided into three areas:

Firstly, in the area of fashion color, her major papers include: The Grading of Fashion Color, Fashion Design Starts with Color, Fashion Color in China – An Analysis on Results of “Survey on Fashion Color Preferences of Chinese Urban Residents”, 20 People in 20 Years – Fashion Color Aesthetic Changes in China’s Transitional Period, Performance of Color in Professional Dress in Current Catering Industry. She has compiled textbooks including Fashion Color Design (The Second Prize of Excellent Textbook, Tsinghua University, 2004);

Secondly, in the area of color design, her major papers include: From Designing like the Nature to Natural Design, Simplification Means Emphasis - Discussion on Design Methods of Simplification in Colors   Configuration, What Colors of the world in the Eyes of Them —— A Color Analysis to the Works by Chinese 60’s and 70’s Artists, The Boiled Water and Coffee in Color Design. The textbooks published include Colors, Structure and Art, Color Structure (The First Prize of Excellent Textbook, Tsinghua University, 2008) and Design Color.

Thirdly, in the area of design, her major papers include The Charm of Quantitative Method and In the Age of “Fragments”.

With regard to design practice, she planned and participated in the Project of Survey on Fashion Color Preference of Chinese Urban Residence and 2006/07 Color Popular Trend organized by the China Fashion & Color Association, which won the Third Prize at the third Excellent Research Report Competition organized by the China Association for Science and Technology; took part in compilation of National Standards on Color Coordinator; participated in Fashion Design for Anniversary Celebration of the National Center for the Performing Arts; participated in Ceremonial Clothes Design for Chinese People’s Armed Police Force; participated in the project of “2008 Olympic Games Ceremonial Costume Design”.

Her fashion design work of “‘Ladies’ Vest Suits” won the First Prize at the first National Spring and Autumn Fashion Design Competition in 1985; “Green”, a fashion design series, won Prize of Best Series at Master Graduation Exhibition organized by the Department of Textile and Clothing of HK Polytechnic University in 2003; “Chinese Lofty Characters”, a men’s wear design of spring and summer ceremonial clothes series, won Gold Prize at “Humanistic Olympic” China Concept Fashion Appeal Design Competition in 2008 ( a cooperative work, ranked the first, 2008).

Her tapestry design work of “Aerial Photography and Metal Fracture Surface in Qianning Area” participated in “Art and Science” International Exhibition for celebrating the 90 anniversary of Tsinghua University in 2001; White Birch Forest – for Those Loves and Lives without Monument participated in China – Russia Contemporary Female Artists Works Exhibition in 2009; “Daughter’s Wardrobe” participated in the Exhibition of Works by Teachers and Students from the Department of Textile and Fashion Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University hosted at HK Polytechnic University in 2010.

She served as a final judge for National Standards on Color Coordinator, and as a judge for Top Ten Designers at 2007, 2009 and 2010 China International Fashion Week - Spring and Summer Fashion Show respectively. In addition, she won the Honor of Outstanding Worker from the China Fashion & Color Association at the eighth Members Assembly of the China Fashion & Color Association.


Course Overview:

Undergraduate courses: Fashion Colors, Color Composition, and Fashion Design

Postgraduate courses: Color Design