Wu Bo

Wu Bo Associate Professor    Master of Arts


Social Titles:

Commissioner of Course Examination, Beijing Higher Education Self-Study Examination Committee


Research Direction:

Development trends in fashion design, and design of clothing accessories


Academic Proposition:

Currently I mainly research the development trends of fashion design and fashion accessories design.

I sum up the development trends of fashion design by studying and comparing the designing laws, structural features, dressing manners, manufacturing methods, decoration techniques, etc. of Chinese and foreign fashions. I analyze the inherent relationship between clothing and human body, the interaction of the designer and the wearer, etc. and explore the dressing pattern of non-fixed structure to broaden the ideas in the fashion design.

By analyzing the function and form of apparel, I explore the impact of design on human life and its role, develop new design concepts and make a certain prediction of the development trends in fashion design.

I study the impact of disciplines such as philosophy and psychology on fashion design and search for key elements for the development of fashion design in people’s daily behaviors and cultural and social phenomena to ensure that the design is not just in a superficial form, but is tailored to satisfy people’s deep needs for apparels and satisfy and serve people materially and spiritually.

The research in fashion accessories design mainly focuses on the design of the materials, forms, and matching methods for bags, shoes, jewelry, etc. With the aesthetic laws of fashion design in mind, I define apparels and accessories as an organic whole, carry out in-depth research in fashion accessories design in the aspects of green design and reuse of materials, material recycling, three-dimensional decorating techniques, apparel DIY, etc. to optimize the overall effect of the matching of accessories and apparels, extend the life of fashion accessories and advocate the concept of green fashion.


Academic Achievements:

The first is the dressing manners and the development trends of apparels: the paper On Various Dressing Manners of Single Apparels, was published on the journal of Decoration; fashion design work Game series was exhibited at the Second International Exhibition of Works in Arts and Science in 2006; the works One of the Games, a refined piece of work originating from the same source of design concept mentioned above, was exhibited at the 11th National Art Exhibition; the works Not was exhibited at the seventh Asia Fiber Art Exhibition; the works Cinderella won the Golden Prize of knitting works at the “Dalian Cup” National Youth Fashion Designer Contest.

The second is the application of three-dimensional decoration techniques in fashion design: the Simple Life series won the first prize in Fashion Design Invitation Competition in Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland; Winter Solstice, a work that employs the three-dimensional decoration techniques, was exhibited at the fifth Asia Fiber Art Exhibition; the works Source won a design prize in “DESIGN 21” of UNESCO and became a permanent collection of the Japanese KOBE Art Museum and the work Explicitness was exhibited at the Ninth Art and Design Exhibition of National Art Exhibition.

The third is research on the influence of disciplines of philosophy, psychology, etc. on design: I search for the true meaning of design from people’s daily behaviors, and from cultural and social phenomena. In the paper A Peaceful Mind in Design – Innovation in Harmony, I pondered on design from a philosophical perspective through the analysis on the “provisioning” theory; in the paper Illuminate the Reality with Dream - Interpreting COSPLAY I summarized the formation and the reasons of popularity of fashion through the analysis of popular phenomena.

I have compiled the book The Expression of Fashion Design, which was named as an excellent textbook of higher education of Beijing in 2008 and won the second prize of excellent teaching materials of Tsinghua University in 2008; Techniques of Fashion Design Renderings was named as an excellent text book of higher education of Beijing in 2004 and won the second prize of excellent teaching materials of Tsinghua University in 2004.


Teaching Overview:

Techniques of Fashion Painting, Apparel Craft, Graduation Design, Graduation Thesis, and Fashion Accessories Design