Wang Yue

Wang Yue Associate Professor

Master of Arts

Member of the China Fashion Association


Research Direction:

Research on fur garment design and industrial application of luxury goods


Academic Proposition:

The research is about issues related to the development of fur fashion design and the luxury goods industry. It is a comprehensive research project in the fur industry and fashion industry, as well as a frontier research project in the international fashion field. The project includes research of creative industries, the fashion industry and the luxury goods industry, cutting-edge design of fur products, technology research and development and trend analysis and research.

Fur products were once a symbol of social status because of their luxurious appearance. Along with the development of modern society, advances in technology and renewal of design ideas, fur materials have been enriching and developing themselves in the process of continuous self-denial and fur products have been endowed with new meaning. The core of fashion design for fur products is to give play to the unique functions and expressive force of fur materials and this is the design concept of fur.

The research combines theory, practice and application and is of practical significance and research value for development of the fur industry and research in the fashion field. Meanwhile, it combines teaching and research and uses practical teaching to make teaching more targeted and practical.


Academic Achievements:

Wang Yue has been engaged in research in the field of fur garment design since 2001 and went to the Copenhagen Fur Design Center and the SAGA fur Design Centre in Denmark twice to have advanced training and further her study. Wang has cooperated with a number of well known domestic and foreign fur brands to provide design and technical support.

Fur garment series design works including “Night Fairy”, “CHIC ME” and “REVIVE” were released six times at China International Fur Exposition and China Fashion Week from 2005 to 2009; she held two launch events for the fur garments designed by her from 2003 to 2005. Wang’s fur garment design works have been chosen for exhibitions at home and abroad such as the "ART & ASIAN BEAUTY" International Clothing Design Works Exhibition, "KOSCO" International Fashion Exhibition in South Korea and the International Fur & Leather Exhibition (MIFUR) in Italy. Wang’s design works exhibited and submitted as competition entries have won one international gold award, two excellence awards and three awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level.

Several relevant papers have been published in Decoration and other national professional journals and at international conferences since 2007. The paper Material and Technology - The Innovative Design of Knitted Fur won the first prize for excellent papers of the Journal of China’s Social Sciences and Humanities. Wang Yue is currently compiling Design of Women’s Fur Clothing, a state-level key textbook planned for the 11th Five-Year Plan period.

In 2009, the curriculum of Fur Design jointly conducted by the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University and Copenhagen Fur Design Laboratory and undertaken by Wang won the second prize of teaching achievements in higher education in textile of the China Textile Industry Association.

Wang has been serving as a judge in competitions at home and abroad including the China International Youth Fur Fashion Design Competition, National Fashion Illustration Competition and Selection of Top Ten Clothing Brands of Beijing since 2006.

Major research projects: nitrate dyeing and design of fur raw materials, fur garment design, fur fashion design and industrial development


Course Overview:

Fashion Design, Marketing, Material Recreation, Graphic Clipping, Graduation Design/ Graduation Thesis