Xiao Wenling

Xiao Wenling Professor, Master Supervisor

Master, director of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design


Social Titles:

Secretary-General of the Garment Design Art Committee of the China Artists Association Arts Council

Chairman of the Academic Committee of the China Fashion Association

Vice-chairman of the Designer Branch of the Beijing Garment and Textile Industry Association

Visiting professor at the College of Design Shenzhen University

Visiting professor at the Apparel & Art Design College of Xi'an Polytechnic University

Member of the Expert Committee of the International Commercial Art Designer Association (ICAD) in China  


Research Direction:

Research on procedures and methods of fashion design


Academic Proposition:

The research project refuses to borrow all prior knowledge and methodologies.

Basic contents of research: Based on specific social context, the research project is to clarify the inherent and internal relations between demand and creation, cognition and design and design methods and the things being created. With reality as the center, the project analyzes the basic structure and characteristics of cognition and design and specifies knowledge related to fashion design and the logic and the procedure of fashion design. On the basis of the above research, it further analyzes the essential relationship between design concepts and the things being created; meanwhile, it explores the establishment of basic structures, approaches and methods containing value concepts and visual concepts. 

The research project aims at establishing a sustainable fashion design innovation system. The vertical structure of the system can fully reflect the closed and circular relationship between demand and creation, while its horizontal structure can explain the basic characteristics of the vertical structure. Such explanation is distinctly directive and unique. Therefore, the vertical structure is relatively stable, while the horizontal structure is dynamic. Explanatory words of the horizontal structure are the core of the research project.


Academic Achievements:

More than 20 articles of the research project have been published in relevant international academic activities and professional periodicals, including eight academic papers, such as the “Collision-- Thinking on Fashion Design Education” published in the 7th issue for 2006 of the National Art Museum of China; “Between Practice and Ideal-Two Thoughts on China Fashion Design Education included in Collected Works of High-level International Forums on Teaching of Garment Design at Institutions of Higher Learning. He is the Editor-in-Chief for the Fashion Design series teaching materials of the 11th Five-Year Plan.

In 2009, the Fur Design curriculum won the second prize for teaching achievements awarded by the China Textile and Apparel Education Society under the Ministry of Education (curriculum leader); he instructed undergraduates and graduate students in participating in major international and domestic professional events to help them win more than one hundred awards. For example, the graduation project work Midsummer Night's Dream by graduate student Zhang Lichuan who was counseled by Professor Xiao won the gold award for design at the 11th National Artworks Exhibition. Xiao won the gold award of the national leather fashion design competition for three consecutive years from 1999 to 2001;  the Gold Prize of India CIAE International Fashion Design Contest, the Global Designer of the Year in 2000; and was named one of China Top Ten Leather Fashion Designers in 2001.

He has undertaken more than ten scientific research projects, such as the Design of Uniforms for Taxi Drivers in Beijing During the Olympic Games in 2008 (project leader), the Design of Uniforms for Transport Vehicle Drivers in Beijing During the Olympic Games in 2008 (project leader) and the Design of Uniforms of the Beijing Branch of Bank of China in 2003 (project leader).

In 2006, the fashion design work HAND was chosen for the second Exhibition of International Works of Art and Science; in 2010, the fashion design work The Last Piece of Clothing took part in the Exhibition of Works by Teachers and Students from the Department of Textile and Fashion Design of the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University.


Course Overview:

Undergraduate courses: Fashion Design, Accessory Design, Graduate Project, Sketch of Human Figures Wearing Clothing, and Techniques of Fashion Painting

Graduate courses: Procedures and Methods of Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Application