Yang Jing

Yang Jing   Associate Professor, Bachelor’s Degree

Deputy Director of the Educational Administration Office of the Academy of Design & Art in Tsinghua University

Deputy Director of the Experimental Teaching Center of Art and Design in Tsinghua University


Social Titles:

Member of the Steering Sub-committee of Fine Arts Teaching under the Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee of Computer Basics Teaching for Arts Majors

Member of the Beijing College Art Education Research Association

Member of the panel of clothing materials and garment CAD experts for Self-study Higher Education Examination in Beijing


Research Direction:

Management of experimental teaching for materials and clothing, art and design


Academic Proposition:

Material, as a “basic element” in fashion design and clothing, is a link between technology and apparel and reflects the artistry and function of apparels. The innovation and development of fashion is increasingly dependent on the feature, style, shaping force and changeability of materials, and materials can greatly expand the room for fashion design and clothing. The research on "materials and clothing" integrates science and art disciplines, and integrates textile materials, textile-making process, and dying and weaving design with the clothing major, and plays an important role in the development of the textile and clothing industries.

"Materials and clothing" is a research direction that has theories closely related with the practices and application, and pays attention to the application of “theories” in academic research, curriculum design and classroom teaching. It systematically and comprehensively associates the type, structure, performance and style of materials with design, craft, dressing, use and other actual effects of clothing, and offers guidance on the application of relevant theories.

Fashion design has entered the era when materials prevail, and the use of materials has become the focus of fashion design. The selection and application of material itself is a design, and sometimes is even a breakthrough in design and innovation.


Academic Achievements:

Since becoming a teacher, Yang Jing has published five books. Material of Apparel, published by the Higher Education Press in 2007, is a state-level planned textbook of the 11th Five-Year Plan for High Education; Yang Jing’s Material of Apparel and Computer Aided Vehicle Design, published by the Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House and designated as teaching materials for self-study higher education examination, have won the second prize of "Outstanding Teaching Materials of Tsinghua University" in 2001 and 2002 respectively; the DVD on Material of Apparel, published by Beijing Global Audio-Visual Publishing House, became a multimedia teaching material for apparel majors in colleges of art in 2001; Material of Apparel, published by the Higher Education Press, won the Excellent Book Award of the second annual National Apparel Book Exhibition in 1994.

Yang Jing has published about 20 papers in domestic core journals and specialized periodicals, including Choose the Right Materials to Produce Fine Clothing and The Role of Material in Apparel, published in national core journal Decoration; Create a Future-oriented, Centralized, Cross-Disciplinary, Interactive, Flexible and Open, and Innovation-based Platform for Art and Design Experimental Teaching, published in national core journal Experimental Technology and Management; Characteristics of Fabrics for Clothing Use, Humanistic Care of Functional Textile Fabric for Dressing, The Trend of ‘Detailed’ Elements Concerning Men's Summer Shirt Fabrics, published in The Paper Collection of the National Textiles Design Competition and International Symposium, and won the Outstanding Award for Papers; Comprehensive Concept of Environmental-friendliness Clothing, published in specialized periodical Chinese Clothing; Clothing – the Advent of Wearer-friendly Era, published in the collection of teachers’ papers for the 50th founding anniversary of the Academy of Design & Art in Tsinghua University; as well as Visual Style and Body Comfort and The Presentation of Functional Textile Fabrics in Clothing and other articles published in China Textile News.

Yang Jing’s design work Shantung Product was exhibited at the Seventh Asia Fiber Art Exhibition held in Beijing from April 7th to 14th, 2010; and her digital printing work From Autumn to Spring was exhibited at the sixth Asia Fiber Art Exhibition held in Indonesia from September 4th to 14th, 2008; her digital printing textile work Abloom was showcased at the Fifth Asia Fiber Art Exhibition held in Japan from March 9th to 25th, 2007 and the exhibition of teachers’ works for the 50th founding anniversary of the Academy of Design & Art in Tsinghua University held from November 1st to 10th, 2006.

Yang’s major research projects include compilation of Material of Apparel, a serial teaching material for fashion design, which is a state-level teaching material under the 11th Five-year Plan for Higher Education; compilation of Computer-aided Fashion Art Design, a book series on computer-aided art & design, which is a state-level planned textbook under the Ministry of Education’s Ninth Five-year Plan; compilation of a designated teaching material for self-study higher education examination (art & design major); and project supervisor of the fashion design for the fashion show to celebrate the founding anniversary of the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

In addition to award-winning papers and teaching materials, Yang Jing was honored as the Excellent Class Advisor of Tsinghua University in 2009 and 2010.


Course Overview:

Courses: Material of Apparel, Study of Textile Materials, Apparel CAD and Graduation Thesis

Scientific Research and Exploration Course of Tsinghua University Laboratory: Materials and Apparel.