Yang Jianjun

Yang Jianjun Associate Professor, Master of Arts


Research Direction:

Research on the art of traditional decoration pattern

Research on natural dyeing material and process


Academic Proposition:

1. In order to carry forward the splendid art of traditional decoration pattern of Mogao Grotto at Dunhuang in an all-round way, I plan to systematically analyze, classify, and exhibit the characteristics and the evolution of relevant pattern design and color according to cultural changes in the past dynasties and to reproduce the style and characteristics of decoration pattern in the past dynasties. In addition, I am dedicated to providing important reference materials of traditional Chinese culture in an all-around way to meet the needs of art design innovation in environmental art, interior decoration, dyeing textiles, light industrial products suitable to modern life, as well as to providing important image teaching materials for art and design teaching in order to further carry forward the essence of traditional Chinese culture and improve aesthetic consciousness.

2. The main research contents include: research on ancient documentations and dyeing theories; survey, exploration and collection of raw materials for traditional natural dyes; searching, recording and experimentation of traditional natural dyeing techniques; collection, copying and sorting of traditional dyeing patterns; attempts in development of new natural materials and dyeing techniques; and innovative design of dyeing patterns. With the purpose of researching theories and techniques of traditional natural dyeing in ancient China and carrying forward the fine tradition, I plan to make broad theoretical research by studying a large quantity of research literature and by referring to and consulting latest research findings in the same area both at home and abroad; moreover, I plan to reach folk people in person to search for folk artisans and traditional dyeing techniques, collect and classify patterns and make detailed recordings, induction, practical operation and experiments in the forms of writing, photographing and drawing so as to grasp the characteristics and dyeing techniques of different dyeing materials. In addition, I aim at creating innovative pattern design by applying traditional natural dyeing techniques in combination with modern textiles production, international dyeing standards and modern aesthetic trend.


Academic Achievements:

Major designs: carpet design of No.118 Hall in the Great Hall of the People; designs of wood-carving mural and stone-carving wall decoration of the Beijing Hall in the Great Hall of the People; designs of lacquer and wood-carving wall decoration in the Beijing Conference Center.

Major papers published:

Backlight Patterns for Color Decoration of Golden Hall in Muro-ji Temple in Japan, the journal of DECORATION, No. 7 Issue, 2009

Traditional Crafts of Japan (Translation), the journal of DECORATION, No. 5 Issue, 2006

Copying and Creation of Decoration Patterns, the journal of DECORATION, No. 2 Issue, 2005

Major books published:

Basics of Decorative Patterns, Central Radio & TV University Press, 2002;

An Advanced Guidance to Decoration Pattern Design, Lingnan Art Publishing House, 2003;

A Course in Knot-dyeing Art Design, Tsinghua University Press, 2010

Major research projects:

Decorative Patterns in Past Dynasties of Dunhuang, China, one of “985” key research projects of Tsinghua University, (Project leader: Professor Chang Sha’na);

Decorative Patterns in Past Dynasties of Dunhuang, China (continuation), a 11th Five-year Plan Project of Philosophy & Social Science of Beijing, (Project leader: Professor Chang Sha’na);

Research on Inheritance of Traditional Plant-Dyeing Process, a project of “Seven Brand” Fund for the Research and Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage under Art & Science Research Center in Tsinghua University, (Project leader: Professor Tian Qing)


Major Awards:

Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award of Tsinghua University (2004); Teaching Achievement Award granted by the China Textile & Apparel Association (2009); The Excellent Paper Award at National Textiles Design Competition & International Theory Symposium (2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010 respectively).

Exhibitions Participated by Yang:

Exhibition of original manuscripts of drawing and collating for Decorative Patterns in Past Dynasties of Dunhuang, China (the Academy of Art & Design in Tsinghua University, 2005); Dunhuang Decorative Art Exhibition (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2006); International Contemporary Art Exhibition (Tokyo National Gallery in Roppongi District of Japan, 2009); The Seventh Asia Fiber Art Exhibition (the Academy of Art & Design in Tsinghua University, 2010).


Course Overview:

Pattern Design, Craft of Printing and Dyeing, Fundamentals of Flowers Painting