Zhang Shuxin

Zhang Shuxin Associate Professor

Bachelor of Arts, committee member in charge of organization work in the CPC Party Branch of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design, Master Supervisor


Social Titles:

Board member of the Beijing Arts and Crafts Academy

Board member of the Fiber Art Committee of the China Arts & Crafts Academy


Research Direction:

Research on Traditional Textile and Dyeing Art

Research on Design and Application of Textile and Dyeing


Academic Proposition:

1. Research on Traditional Textile and Dyeing Art: Starting with the practical traditional Chinese textile and dyeing crafts such as weaving art, carpet art, natural dyeing art, he explores, sorts out, develops and applies the traditional textile and dyeing art. He believes that it is of critical importance to today’s development of the textile and dyeing industry to inherit and develop traditional textile and dyeing skills and apply the traditional textile and dyeing crafts in the current social construction.

The research method of traditional textile and dyeing art is to carry out research on the composition of traditional weaving art and carpet art, as well as crafts and techniques such as fabric structures, material characteristics, color matching methods, and to combine people’s daily life with design textile and dyeing artworks which are practical and of aesthetic significance.

2. Research on Design and Application of Textile and Dyeing: He starts with the functional art forms such as interior fabric art and costume art to carry out systematic research on design and the development and application of products. The research is of practical significance to today’s society and life.

The research method for textile and dyeing art design and application is one of the ways to apply artistic design in people’s life through researching on the artistic characteristics of textile and dyeing, such as design form, material structure and color rules, and in combination with people’s daily life.


Academic Achievements:

I. Theoretical Research:

1. Compilation of textbooks:

Patterns of Dress and Personal Adornment, (state-level planned textbook under the 11th Five-year Plan for general higher education), Higher Education Press, August 2007

2. Academic papers:

Essay on the Application of Color Solid in Textile Design (2007), in which he elaborates on the role of color in textile design and explains how to harmoniously use the colors;

The Function of Chinese Hand-made Carpet in Interior Furnishings (2008), which analyzes the art form of Chinese hand-made carpets and puts forward methods on the application of carpets in modern interior furnishings;

On the Beauty of Realm in the Education of Textile Design (2009), which states that textile design education should not only teach students basic knowledge on design, but also improve the students’ level of aesthetics so that they can shoulder the mission of the times and make contributions to the society.

See the Thinking Pattern of Artistic Textile Design from the Thought of Laozi’s Tao Te Ching (2010), which starts with the thought of “doing nothing” in Laozi’s Tao Te Ching, notes that stereotyped pattern of thinking should be abandoned and an innovative pattern of thinking should be established in artistic textile design.

All the papers mentioned above have been published on The Paper Collection of National Textile Design Contest and International Theory Seminar and have won the national excellent paper award.

II. Design Practices and Artistic Creation:

Woven wall hanging Tree Shade was exhibited at the Sixth Asian Fiber Art Exhibition in 2007;

Woven wall hanging Candlelight·Wenchuan was exhibited at the “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Fiber Art Biennial in 2008.

Woven wall hanging Flickering Light was exhibited at the China-Korea-Japan-USA International Exhibition 2009;

Woven wall hanging The Western Learning Was Progressively Spreading to the East was exhibited at the ninth Asia Fiber Art Exhibition in 2010.

Woven wall hanging Summer Flower was exhibited at “Textile and Apparel-- Exhibition of Works by Teachers and Students from the Academy of Arts and Design at Tsinghua University in 2010.

All the works take modern life as the theme and incorporate the traditional weaving crafts. The integration of traditional crafts with modern lifestyle has been Professor Zhang’s research direction in recent years.

III. Research Projects:

Participated in the state-level project of 2010 - Traditional Textile and Dyeing Art (project leader Tian Qing).


Course Overview:

1. Decorative Color

2. Design of Vehicle Fabric

3. Fabric CAD

4. Weaving Craft

6. Carpet Design

7. Dye to Knit Pattern Foundation (Fundamentals of Texture Pattern Design)

8. Patterns of Dress and Personal Adornment

9. Graduation Thesis, Graduation Design