Zhang Hongjuan

Zhang Hongjuan   Associate Professor

Master’s Degree (doctoral student)


Research Direction:

Research on the Culture and Design of Interior Fabric

Research on the Design of Digital Fabric (Machine Woven Fabrics, embroidery)


Academic Proposition:

Being functional, decorative and cultural, interior fabric is a kind of indispensable supplies and decorations in people’s life. The significance of the research on the culture and design of interior fabric is that it satisfies the social needs, promotes the development of the textile industry, outlines the cultural essence of history, inherits and passes on China’s superior textile culture, improves the knowledge system and replenishes and enriches the design and theoretical system of interior fabric of China.

Design of digital fabric products is a new craft and skill that emerged from the continuous technology development, and reflects the characteristics of the times. Research on the design of digital fabric products mainly focuses on the application of modern crafts and skills in textile design, and the interaction between traditional crafts and modern skills, such as the way of mutual reference between and the combination of traditional embroidery crafts and modern embroidery skills.

Outline the history, focus on the contemporary and design the future!


Academic Achievements:

Zhang Hongjuan’s design works have won many awards in domestic and overseas design contests, such as the silver prize of “Creative Design Award” of the China International Home Textiles Design Contest, the golden prize of “Industrial Art Cup” Exhibition of Works by Teachers and Students from the Academy of Arts and Design at Tsinghua University, Young Designer Award of Cutting-edge and Original Design Contest of Home Textile 2007 (the highest award for teachers), etc.

Her fiber art works had participated in the Asia Fiber Art Exhibition for three years in a row.

Zhang Hongjuan has published a dozen of papers about the research on the culture and design of interior fabric, such as Retrospect-Analysis-Outlook (A Brief Discussion on the Changes and Development of Interior Fabrics for Weddings in China)” published on Paper Collection of China International Home Textiles Development Forum 2005, The Art of Survival - Essay on Chinese and Foreign Auspicious Patterns published on Decoration magazine, User-Oriented Design of Modern Interior Fabrics published on Paper Collection of the National Textile Design Contest and International Theory Seminar 2009. She participated in the compilation of Collections of Chinese Home Textile Culture and took responsibility for compiling the North China part.

Zhang has accomplished several research projects, such as serial carpet design works for the No.1, No.4 and No.5 meeting rooms of the State Council, design works of fiber wall hangings for the meeting rooms of the Jilin Provincial Government, design works of serial carpets for Shanhua Co., design works of serial wall carpets for Chifeng Great Wall Carpet Co., and participated in the development of excellent courses of traditional textile and dyeing art, etc.


Course Overview:

Fabric CAD, Machine-woven Techniques of Fabrics, Fundamentals of Texture Pattern Design, Specialized Practice, Cultural Review in the Specialty Field

Decorative Fabric Design

Hotel Carpet Design

Design of Interior Fabric (May You Soon Have a Dear Son)

Design of Interior Fabric (wedding ceremony)

Design of Interior Fabric