Zhang Baohua

Zhang Baohua Associate Professor

Master Degree, Deputy Dean of Department of Textile and Fashion Design in Tsinghua University, Master Supervisor


Social Titles:

Member of the Professional Committee of Home Textile Art & Culture under the China Home Textile Association

Vice-chairman of Designer Association under the China Home Textile Association

Member of the Committee of Experts under the All-China Chamber of Commerce for Textile and Apparel Industry

Director of Eighth Council of China Fashion & Color Association (2009-2014) and member of the Color Education Committee

Natural Color System - Contributing Color Expert in China


Research Direction:

Research on printing textiles design


Academic Proposition:

Textile printing design is a time-honored and fashionable form of artistic design with a history of several thousands years. This form of design has spanned from the East to the West, and from old traditional folk printing process to modern digital printing technology. As an art deco, printing textile is closely connected with human life ranging from clothing to home textile. In addition, printing textile boasts of its own significant special language serving as a symbol of historical inheritance and culture.

At present, information globalization has brought about economic globalization while economic development and product consumption has led to the integration between humane spirit and life value. In the context of such globalization, the relations among different people and different designs become even closer. In addition, the design of printing textile has presented a trend of cross-disciplinary integration and an ongoing extension of application areas along with the development of printing technology. Thanks to continuous exchanges among different cultures worldwide, the “gaps” between cultures have been narrowed, and as a result, the distinct design language characteristics are becoming more important. The differences among printing textiles in different cultures can be explored through a research on design of printing textile. Through research, comparison, analysis, etc., we can study the relationships between printing textile and art, science, technology, history, environment, etc. with a view to get a better understanding of its influences on the modern society and human beings.


Academic Achievements:

Over the past two decades, I have been involved in textiles design without a stop from factories to university and have been engaged in the design of printing textiles and brand planning for many famous companies and organizations in China, including Beijing City Guide & Cultural Communications Co., Ltd, Veken Holding Group Co., Ltd in Ningbo, Hunan Mendale Textiles Co., Ltd, Beijing Topnew Group, Beijing Sanli Home Textile Co., Ltd, Beijing Qumei Furniture Co., Ltd, Changzhou YILIYASI Textile Co., Ltd, Kingking Group in Qingdao of Shandong Province, Dayou Home Textiles Co., Ltd in Suzhou of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Bermo Home Textile Co., Ltd, Beijing XueLiNa Arts & Crafts Ltd., The Great Hall of People, etc.. By closely integrating practice with teaching, I won the Award of Excellent Youth Cadre Teacher of Beijing Institutions of Higher Education in 1998 and in 2006 respectively and was awarded Prize for Best Teaching of Hong Kong Sang Ma Trust Fund in 2005.

With regard to artistic creation, I have absorbed the characteristics of Chinese painting and block print and have made some achievements in artistic fabric design with the medium of textiles and with the combination of textile printing, etching, hand-drawing, etc. Some of my printing textiles design works have participated in both domestic and overseas design competitions for many times and have won a number of awards and prizes, including: the Second Prize at 1997 Fabric China Creation Competition; 1997 Design Award at the China Contemporary Art Exhibition; Bronze Prize at 2001 Home Textile Design Competition in Spring and Encouragement Award at 2001 Home Textile Design Competition in Autumn; participation in both International Textile Design Competition and International Exchange Exhibition held in Daegu of Korea, and both International Textile Design Competition and Designer Invitation Exhibition held in Busan of Korea in 2001; participation in India International Textile and Fashion Design Competition in 2002; participation in the Masters’ Works Exhibition at the China International Home Textiles Design Competition in 2004; participation in From Lausanne to Beijing - The Third Fiber Art Biennial; Creative Award at the 2004 National Textiles Design Competition & International Theory Symposium; Creative Award at the Fourth Korea-China-Japan-America International Exchange Exhibition in 2009; being named as one of the Top 100 Youth Designers of 2005 in China in 2006.

My main works and books on theoretical research include Basic Techniques of Design (Chapter 2) published by Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House; Modern Home Textile Design (Chapter 3) published by the China Textile & Apparel Press in 1999; Design Colors (co-authored), being published by the China Architecture & Building Press in 2010; as well as many papers published on professional journals.


Course Overview:

Fundamentals of Pattern Design, Chinese Painting, Design of Travel Textiles, and Graduation Design