Zang Yingchun

Zang Yingchun 


Doctoral Supervisor


Research Direction:    

Research on artistic fashion design education in the context of globalization, Research on sustainable development and fashion design


Academic Proposition:    

The emergence of a global market has led to more cross-border learning of students of artistic design and posed new requirements to artistic design education. Therefore, contemporary educators of artistic design should have a global vision and a concept guiding the international artistic design education; at the same time, they should pay attention to the changes in the global market and demand for talents, understand and be good at applying the frontier achievements in humanities, science and technology in an information society, embrace the challenges faced by the mankind, study the changes in people’s lifestyle and master new teaching methods suitable for the times.

Her current researches mainly focus on the artistic fashion design education in the context of globalization. She actively cooperates with a great number of experts in the international artistic design education circle, exchanges and communicates with experts, and discusses with them about the cutting-edge concepts and methods in artistic design education during seminars and cooperative courses. She then proves and summarizes the concepts and methods in teaching practices at domestic and overseas higher education institutions of artistic design.

Her research on sustainable development and fashion design mainly focuses on the thinking and discussion about human lifestyle from the perspective of fashion design, and searching for fashion design methods, which are in line with the concept of sustainable development in practice.


Academic Achievements:    

Monographs: Comparison Between Ladies’ Garment Modeling in China and Foreign Countries, From Heavy Apparels to Light Ones, Chinese Traditional Costumes, Costumes of Chinese Minority Nationalities, History of Chinese and Foreign Fashion, A Guide to Artistic Design Discipline;

Translation: Design in the 20th Century, and Design Thinking;

Video: The History You Are Wearing;

Papers: From Bodices to Women’s Bound Feet, Be Gentle and Then Be A Gentleman, The Molding of Ancient Chinese Clothing Style, Study on the Costumes of Wei and Jin Dynasties, Education of the Innovative Design of British Costumes, Brand Units Design of Young Women’s Wear in China, Black Style and Contemporary Culture of Costume, Window Advertising of Fashion in London, On The Vogue’s Fashion Painting, Appreciative Comments on Designs in Contemporary Russia, Introducing the Concept of Sustainable Development into Fashion Design Education, Decorative Style and Contemporary Textile Design in the Art & Crafts Campaign, Walking Through the Gap between Popular Arts and Modern Technology, Textile Design and the Education in a Cross-disciplinary Environment, Diversification of the New Designs in London, New Works in Modern Times, A Paradise of Free Design, etc.

Main research projects:

Ceremonial Clothes Design for Chinese People’s Armed Police Force/project leader;

Research of Artistic Design Education in the Context of Globalization (overseas project)/project leader;

Research on Fashion Design in a Cross-disciplinary Environment (overseas)/project leader;

Comparison Between Ladies’ Garment Modeling in China and Foreign Countries (vertical subject, backbone member);

Research on Ancient Chinese Clothing Structures (vertical subject, backbone member);

SEVEN Brand Design and Development (horizontal subject, backbone member);

Research on Chinese and Western Artistic Design Education (vertical subject, backbone member);

Research on Urban Brand Image and the Cultural Creative Industry/project leader

Awards: She has won a great many awards at international and domestic contests such as the First National Fashion Paintings Contest, Asia Pacific Fashion Designers Contest, “Hengyun Cup” National Silk Garment Design Contest, International Competition of Young Fashion Designers held in Paris; First Prize of Tsinghua University Doctoral Candidates Forum 2003, First Prize of Tsinghua University Doctoral Candidates Forum 2004, etc. In terms of teaching and students cultivation, she has been awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award of Tsinghua University and the Outstanding Counselor Award of Tsinghua University.