Department of Textile and Fashion Design

Department of Textile and Fashion Design, formerly Department of Textile Art, is one of the original departments upon the foundation of Academy of Arts & Design. 


The department consists of  two majors-Textile Design and Fashion Design; and six teaching and research groups covering Fiber Art Design, Interior Textile Design, Textile CAD (Computer Aided Design), Fashion Design, Fashion Engineering and Fashion CAD. 


Main courses of the Textile Design Major include Interior Display Art, Interior Textile Design, Clothing Materials and Fashion Design, Souvenir and Auto Textile Design[AQ1] , Textile CAD Application, Chinese and Foreign Textile Pattern History, etc.


Main courses of Fashion Design include Chinese and Foreign Fashion History, Fashion Design Theory, Fashion CAD, Fashion Marketing, Garment Structure Design and Garment Setting Techniques. Through systematic studies, students will develop solid theoretical foundation and master relevant craft techniques.