Department of Ceramic Design

The Department of Ceramic Design, as one of the earliest departments in the Academy of Arts & Design, has a well-developed teaching equipment and spacious craft production site, where students can practice.


Ceramic Design is not only an embodiment of the deep traditional Chinese culture, but also closely related to people’s daily lives. Therefore, the department combines theory with practice, Chinese traditional culture with present social demands in the teaching.


The department currently consists of three majors—Ceramic Design, Traditional Ceramic Art, and Modern Ceramic Art. The Ceramic Design major aims to cultivate students’ skills in ceramic product design and to improve China’s competitiveness in ceramic products. The Traditional Ceramic Art Major strives to reserve and develop traditional ceramic art and techniques, and to introduce the handicrafts into people’s daily lives. The Modern Ceramic Art Major aims to foster students’ creativity in design and explore more possibilities of ceramic materials. In recent years, the department attempts to integrate modern ceramic art with architecture and public art to cater to people’s more and more diversified demands, and to promote the sustainable development of ceramic art.