Department of Visual Communication Design

Department of Visual Communication Design is one of the three original departments upon the foundation of the Academy of Arts & Design. The faculty have participated in multiple state-level design projects and have won numerous awards in domestic and international design competitions. In recent years, the department has invited many world-famous designers and professors as lecturers and visiting professors, which offers great opportunities for the students to access and interact with the latest development in visual arts and design.

The department consists of three majors, including Graphic Design, Advertisement Design and Book Design, covering all aspects of visual arts & design. The department encourages flexible and cross-discipline teaching modes. It also places great importance in case studies and organizes interactive courses with leading international institutions frequently.

Main courses include Fundamentals of Synthetic Plastic Art, Fundamentals of Photography, Fundamentals of Design, Specialized Theories, Sales Design, Brand Design, Vision Identification Design, Advertisement Planning and Presentation, Advertising Strategy, Book Design, Layout, Illustration Design, etc.