Department of Arts and Crafts

Department of Arts and Crafts (formerly Department of Decorative Art) has an excellent faculty consisting of artists with remarkable achievements from various fields.


The department has four craft labs, including Metal Art Lab, Lacquer Craft Lab, Fiber Art Lab and Glass Art Lab.


Main courses of the department include Sketch, Color, Painting, Sculpture, Specialized Art History, Pattern & Decoration, Constitution, Computer-aided Art Design, Materials & Crafts, Metal Art, Metal Sculpture, Lacquer Painting, Lacquer Craft, Fiber Art, Tapestry, Glass Art, Jewelry Art and other related optional courses.


The department aims to combine Chinese traditional art and culture and the essence of foreign art. Moreover, the department advocates a human-oriented handicraft culture, which is to improve people’s living quality through the arts and crafts. The department has set up a comprehensive teaching system, involving not only art theories but also practical opportunities for students to cultivate their creativity and adaptability.