Department of Information Art & Design

"Information Art & design" is a cross-disciplinary field designed for the rapid development of the information industry. The department is divided into majors of Information Design, Industrial Design and Animation Design and Visual Communication Design. The department aims to cultivate students’ abilities in integrating information technology and art, designing and planning based on the client’s needs, and exploring new solutions with the help of information industry to suit social demands.

Information Design is a research field for creating a harmonious experience for users through digital information interface, innovated products and environment in the information era. Main courses include Information Structure, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Experience Design, Internet Design, Visual Reality Application, etc.

The Department aims to cultivate students’ comprehensive capabilities in creation, integration and planning. Our graduates are mainly employed in institutes and firms related to the information industry, including TV and film animation, digital entertainment, internet games, interactive interface design, mobile communications and service, multi-media application and content design, public information facility design, news and entertainment media, digital museums, etc.

The Department has three undergraduate majors, including Information Design, Animation Design and Digital Entertainment Design. It also has four postgraduate research fields including New Media Art and the previously mentioned three. “Information Design” is a new area of art design to suit the information age. “Animation Design” and “Digital Entertainment Design” are both important parts of the cultural industry. “New Media Art” is a new form of art that integrates art with information technology. The four majors, covering the frontiers in design, art and culture, are set to suit the development needs by the social, economic and cultural industries,