Department of Painting

The Department of Painting was set up in September 1999. Rooting from humanistic cultures and traditional Chinese culture, the Department encourages inclusiveness as well as innovation. It offers a strong faculty with works and academic achievements wining major awards and making an impact both at home and abroad,. The faculty has participated in visual designs for important state level projects, which is wide recognized.

The Department of Painting is divided into four studios: Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Engraving, and Mural Painting, and a special section in Materials and Techniques Study. Apart from common courses of Sketch, Color, Comprehensive Training, and Art Human Anatomy, the studios offer more specialized courses. The Chinese Painting Studio offers line drawing, Rich-color Painting, Sketching (figure painting, landscape painting, flower and bird painting), Calligraphy and Seal Carving. The Oil Painting Studio offers Still Life, Portrait, Nude Painting, Materials and Techniques of Oil Painting, and Mixed Media Lab. The Engraving Studio offers Wood Block Print, Copperplate Print, Rock Engraving, Screen-print, and Mixed Media Print. The Mural Painting Studio offers line drawing, Rich-color Painting, Metal Works, Lacquer Craft, Fiber Craft, Ceramic Process, Comprehensive Materials and Introduction to Architectural Styles.