Department of Sculpture

Department of Sculpture, founded in 2000, is consisted of seven professors, three associate professors and four lecturers. Main courses include Representational Sculpture, Abstract Sculpture, Environment Sculpture and Experimental Art. The department has four studios: wood sculpture, stone sculpture, metal sculpture and casting.


The department values cultivating students’ practical skills, encourages students to participate in domestic and overseas exhibitions and academic activities. The department also invites outstanding foreign sculptors to deliver lectures for the students.


In recent years, the department has successfully participated in state and provincial level science projects, such as the well-known sculpture “Forever Blooming Redbud Flower” which was presented to HK SAR by the central government; the large-scale embossment “Ode to the Chinese Millennium” in China Century Monument, “Overall Sculpture Plan for Zhengzhou City” and “Overall Sculpture Plan for Beijing Economic Development District”.