Contemporary Chinese Fiber Art Going Global

Since the 1980s, fiber art has developed into an independent modern art form in China, absorbing and inheriting the excellent cultural traditions of the Chinese Nation, introducing the stage of international fiber art to Tsinghua University, while making prominent achievements in the international promotion of traditional Chinese culture.  

Since 2000, Tsinghua University has been hosting the “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Biennale of Fiber Art. Since then, the Biennale has been held successively in six cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Nantong and Shenzhen. The Biennale has grown from an “international” exhibition to an academic platform with “global” influence, centering on Beijing and radiating towards important cultural areas throughout the country. In 2000, the first Biennale featured 91 works from 14 countries around the world, including 33 from China and 26 from the United States. The 11th Biennale 2020 featured 300 works from 56 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa. This specialized academic exhibition in China serving as a platform for showcasing global fiber art creation and industrial resources has become the most globally influential fiber art exhibition since the Lausanne Biennale (1962-1995) held in Switzerland in the second half of the 20th century.


1st “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Biennale of Fiber Art, 2000



10th “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Biennale of Fiber Art, 2018

The 2.5D Virtual Exhibition Hall, independently developed by the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (AADTHU) in 2020 has become a new site for fiber art, enabling fiber art exhibitions to be presented online for the first time: “2020 China and USA Technology and Innovation in In-Fiber Art Virtual Exhibition” and the 11th “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Fiber Art Biennial, which have attracted the attention and acclaim of the art circles at home and abroad, expanding people’s understanding of “online exhibitions”.

11th “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Biennale of Fiber Art, 2020

Over the past decade, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Contemporary Chinese Fiber Art Exhibition launched by the Tsinghua Academy of Arts & Design has been exhibited in the United States, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Tanzania, Mexico, Australia, Georgia, and Italy. The influence of Chinese fiber art has spread out of Asia to North America, South America, Europe, Oceania and Africa. Derived from “Lausanne to Beijing”, the “Contemporary Chinese Fiber Art World Tour”, aiming at “bringing Chinese culture to the world”, boosts the international promotion of China’s traditional culture and art, and draws on the academic resources of overseas venues, thus promoting the exchange of Chinese and foreign culture and art in the true sense.

Impression by HongXingyu

Pavilion of Light by Lin Lecheng

Information-Ecology-Growth by YueSong

The series of international exhibitions of fiber art promoted by Tsinghua Academy of Arts & Design has become ongoing professional academic exhibitions with global influence, playing an exemplary role in promoting the spread of Chinese culture to the world and international cultural exchanges.

Yue Song

Associate Professor

Department of Arts and Crafts