Street furniture designs following the physical distancing norm

Public spaces form an important spine for any scale of city. Users benefit from these in multiple ways such as, it is used as a place for exercising, place for relaxation, public gathering, community discussion or performances etc. It provides the user an opportunity to interact with the society. For metropolitan cities,  it is also used as a breather for fresh air in an open piece of land.

However, with the sudden advent of Covid-19, many of these uses have gone for a toss! Surprisingly, people’s notion for a public space has also undergone transformation due to this very reason. Students from the DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL ART DESIGN  came up with some interesting ideas that might take over existing street furniture following the physical distancing norm.


Team: HeZhanpeng, LimaoQianzhi

We get inspiration from traditional landscape paintings. The shape of the furniture starts with a piece of brush and ink and it can change according to climate change, which responds to the diverse emotional appeals of different age groups and identity groups. It is a public artwork and also a public furniture that meets the emotional needs of users.


Team: HungLanyi, GuanChen

In this landscape, people's behavior, age, emotional state are immeasurable. People can choose the path they want to pass through from many veins of the landscape, and the size of dew and the width and length of the path are different. This landscape is suitable for single player and multi crowd. The spatial distance is divided by leaf veins and dewdrops.


Team: ZhouZiyi, ZhangShuting

This is a highly adaptable public furniture. The combination of rigid and flexible connections can adapt to a variety of terrain and the needs of different people and activities. The two textures presented on the material also echo each other with the structure, bringing a comfortable feeling to people.