The Chang Shana Design Award is now calling for artwork submissions!


The Chang Shana Design Award is now calling for artwork submissions! The award aims to promote applications of Dunhuang art patterns in everyday design and drive innovative developments in Dunhuang’s intangible cultural heritages. 

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Mrs. Chang Shana is an outstanding designer and educator in China. She inherited her father Chang Shuhong’s duty of promoting the Dunhuang art. She has long been engaged in studying ancient Chinese murals and traditional decorative patterns, with the combination of modern design concepts. She had participated in significant design projects of major buildings and memorial architecture, such as the Banquet Hall of the Grand Hall of the People, Beijing Exhibition Hall, Capital Theater, Cultural Palace of Nationalities, the Bauhinia Sculpture presented by the Central Government to Hong Kong marking the 1997 Handover. 

Chang is known as the "Decoder of Dunhuang Mural Patterns". She is also a pioneer in Dunhuang design research and application. In order to thoroughly implement the important concepts that President Xi Jinping delivered at the Dunhuang Academy seminar, we strive to strengthen cultural confidence, spread Dunhuang culture, practice the "Silk Road Spirit," and promote cultural exchanges along with “the Belt and Road Initiative.” We hope that more designers will understand and use the Dunhuang art patterns appropriately. We hope that they can achieve perfect integration between traditional crafts and contemporary design. To promote various applications of Dunhuang art patterns in daily life design, and achieve the innovative development of intangible cultural heritage represented by Dunhuang art patterns, we hereby conduct the Chang Shana Design Award in 2021. Competition Goal