The Logo for the 110th Anniversary of Tsinghua University Designed by Prof. Chen Nan’s Team

The design of the logo for the 110th Anniversary of Tsinghua University started in 2019 from the perspectives of inheritance and innovation. After multi-party selection, it was finally determined that the design task be assigned to Prof. Chen Nan's team of the Academy of Arts & Design. 

The design work team has extensively solicited opinions from experts and representatives of teachers, students and alumni, and comprehensively considered public preferences, cultural connotations and team spirit. After the fierce competition of hundreds of schemes, more than 100 discussions "on the cloud" and dozens of careful revisions, the logo was officially released on September 1, 2020.

Source of creation

The logo of the 110th Anniversary of Tsinghua University mainly consists of Arabic numerals "110" and the emblem of Tsinghua University, supplemented by Arabic numerals "1911-2021". The creation is inspired by the concentric and progressive geometric figures of rectangles and circles, while the Tsinghua University emblem pattern embedded in concentric circles enhances the identity and uniqueness of the logo.


Concentric circles symbolize the ripples of water and the growth rings of wood

Vividly presenting the characteristics of Shui Mu (Water and Wood) Tsinghua 

Three concentric circles constitute a harmonious order featuring the combination of rectangles and circles

Symbolizing the vigorous development of many disciplines

Such as science, industry, humanities, social sciences and art


Open concentric rectangles

With simply elegant line design

These straight lines are like open pages

Symbolizing the ceaseless exploration of knowledge and disciplines

Steps are formed by numbers

Symbolizing scaling the heights of science and exploring academic progress 

Embodying the profound culture of Tsinghua


The logo is based on the number "110"

Two figures of "1" are composed of 11 lines

Gradual changing from thin to thick

Rising from low to high

Clearly explaining the advent of the 110th Anniversary

Outlining the traces of Tsinghua's past years

The positions of the second "1" and "0" are higher

Symbolizing that in the first decade after the centennial

Tsinghua people will forge ahead

With a more high-spirited style

To write a new chapter towards the forefront of world-class universities


The color of the logo is

Purple—the color of Tsinghua University

The color expression form of gradient light is added

Not only creating a solemn overall atmosphere

But also reflecting the lively and smart visual effect

The design of the 110th Anniversary logo embodies Tsinghua people's ideal and conviction of inheriting fine traditions, bravely pioneering and innovating, and striving to open a new chapter in the new century, highlighting the Anniversary theme, "Strive for Excellence, Innovate for the Future".

Prof. Chen Nan, a tenured professor of the Academy of Arts & Design, who is Head of the logo design team for the 110th Anniversary, noted, "The logo is designed with Tsinghua characteristics and a clear, modern and lively theme, reflecting Tsinghua people's constant striving for self-improvement."

Focusing on the logo for the 110th Anniversary of Tsinghua University, the team has launched a special aided graphics system, as well as combination forms and a user manual to address the needs in various environments.

News: Tsinghua Launches 110th Anniversary Logo

Source: Prof. Chen Nan of Department of Visual Communication

Editor: Zhao Ruohan