The 4th International Lampwork Glass Art Festival Chinia · Hejian

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Festival Purpose

The Festival is organized by the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, and the Hejian Municipal Government. Many academic activities are arranged for idea-exchanging and communication, including exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, an artwork auction and visiting related factories and companies. Our mission is to encourage the artists' and scholars' creativity both in traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge innovation.


The exhibition is an international platform that showcases outstanding artworks of contemporary lampworking glass art. 120 works (including 20 works of foreign artists) selected by the international judging panel will be on display. 

Exhibition Date: October 31 – December 31, 2020

Exhibition Information and Dates

Submission period opens: August 18, 2020

Submission deadline: September 18, 2020

Notification of acceptance via e-mail no later: October 1, 2020

Selected artwork due at Mingshangde Glass Museum no later: October 21, 2020

Artists Awards Ceremony: December 12, 2020

Entry Procedure

Please read the Criteria and Guidelines carefully.

Download and complete the entry form attached to the top of this page.

Sign to agree to Terms and Conditions.

Scan and save the document above as: Your Lastname_Firstname_HJLF Entryform

Email the entry form and image(s) to: Jing Li at

Label your image files with your last name, first name, and the title of the piece, Example: Lastname_Firstname_Title

Image files must be TIFF or JPEG only; file resolution of 300 dpi; maximum file size 5 MB.  Detail images must be submitted along with images that fully capture the artwork.

Criteria and Guidelines

Only works created since January 1, 2017 are eligible.

Works submitted must be at least 75% made by using lampworking techniques.

All works must be original in concept, design and execution.

Number of works: Each applicant (individual or group) can only submit one work.

Size: Must not exceed 50 centimeters in any direction (length, width, depth and height).

Submitted images may be used for marketing and promotion purposes directly related to this exhibition by the executive committee. Copyright and all other rights remain with the artist.

Accepted works must be physically presented at the exhibition, and be received ready for proper installation with limited assembly.

The museum will insure works in its possession during the exhibition.  Artists are responsible for providing their own insurance while the work is shipping to the Mingshangde Glass Museum.

The executive committee is not responsible for any damage to the artwork caused during shipping to Mingshangde Glass Museum.

The executive committee's insurance will cover artworks on premises.

No substitution for submission will be accepted once the application and images are received.  All submissions are FINAL.

Management of Works

The copyrights on the works belong solely to the entrants.  However, the use of the intellectual property rights with respect to each work is stipulated as follows:

When the executive committee conducts public relations activities and exhibitions, it is permitted to use the intellectual property rights of the works in question.  The executive committee is also able to use without charge the images of the works (or portraits) submitted by the entrants for the exhibition catalogue, postcards, posters, flyers, website, posts on SNS, etc.  In addition, the organizers reauthorize third parties, including the mass media, to use the images in various media.  Other information such as winners' names and titles of works will be used on websites and SNS, in art magazines, etc.  There will be no time limit for the duration of the use of such materials.  As for the prize-winning and selected works, the executive committee is allowed to take photographs and use them as above.

At the exhibition, general visitors are allowed to take photographs of the exhibition and the exhibited works and post them on the Internet, including their blogs and SNS. (However, taking videos, sketching, photographing for commercial purposes, violation of other visitors' portrait rights, and the use of tools such as tripods and monopods are prohibited. Depending on the style of the exhibited work, the organizer may limit photography.)

If a work is found to infringe on a third party's intellectual property rights or copyrights, its entry to the competition or winning of a prize will be cancelled.


Shipping to Mingshangde Glass Museum is the responsibility of the artists. The executive committee will reimburse this expense according to the provided receipt. The total amount should not be more than USD 300. Detailed shipping instructions will be emailed to each artist with the acceptance notification. 

Please be aware that, for the international shipping, artworks that are over-insured (more than USD 1000) will find difficulties to enter the customs. The executive committee will not be responsible for dealing with related situation. 

Artists are responsible for providing their own insurance while the work is shipping to the Mingshangde Glass Museum. This insurance is excluded from the reimbursement provided by the executive committee. 

All works must be shipped in sturdy packaging. The name of the artist, the title and a picture of the work should to be attached on the outside of the package. Any assembly instruction for displaying should be included if necessary. 

The executive committee will cover the cost of return shipment and insurance during the return shipping for the works on display. The works will be shipped back to the address given on the application. 

Acceptance/Placement of Work

No substitutions for accepted artwork will be allowed. All works must remain on display until the conclusion of the exhibit on December 31, 2020. 

All artworks are subjects to review and placement discretion by the executive committee at the Mingshangde Glass Museum. Exhibit selection is based on relevance to the theme and stated criteria. 

All works shown may be available for sale by the artists. The executive committee will refer all interested parties directly to the artists or preferred representatives and seeks no percentage of possible sales. 

Handling of Personal Information

Personal information provided by applicants shall be used for purposes related to this exhibition (e.g., communications needed for operations, announcements of judging results, shipping of documents, communicating information about the exhibition, statistical work, return of works, information about the next exhibition, and so on).

"The undersigned hereby agrees that all personal property placed upon the executive committee of The Forth China·Hejian International Lampwork Glass Art Festival (hereinafter referred to as the executive committee) premises shall remain as the property of the undersigned. I declare that this application and photos submitted are truthful representations of my artwork and the artwork which I will be exhibiting at the show.  If information is found to be false, I may be ruled ineligible to participate in the show, potential future shows and/or be instructed to remove any questionable items.  I agree to abide by the exhibition criteria and guidelines and understand that the executive committee will have sole discretion on works selected for the exhibition and the placement of those works. I understand all works must be received by the stated date and remain in the exhibition until the close of the show. The executive committee staff reserves the right to make the final interpretation of all guidelines. I assume all costs associated with the executive committee outlined in the application brochure (insurance during shipping to Mingshangde Glass Museum, etc.). Any damage to the artwork caused during shipping to Mingshangde Glass Museum is the artist's responsibility. The executive committee's insurance will cover artworks on premises. The executive committee will pay for the cost of and the insurance during the return shipping for the artworks on display. All works will be prepared to ship by the executive committee at the date listed in the application brochure. The undersigned hereby agrees to the aforementioned exhibit requirements.

Acceptance, selection, and placement of all artwork is determined by the International Judging Panel at the Mingshangde Glass Museum. All decisions are final.