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The Academy of Arts & Design has a long history. It was first established in 1956 named as the Central Institute of Arts & Design and was incorporated into Tsinghua University in 1999. It boasts comprehensive disciplines and rich resources in teaching, research, and process experiment, and enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. Its discipline of Design was rated A+, and the Fine Arts and Art Theory disciplines were rated A- respectively in Chinese University Disciplines Assessment (round 4) by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2017. The Design discipline is also classified as Class A on the list of disciplines for the “Double-First Class” Initiative announced by MOE. In 2018, Tsinghua University ranked 23rd in the QS World University Rankings for Arts and Design.

The Academy of Arts & Design has 10 departments and a Basic Teaching & Research Group, with 25 field research directions for undergraduates and 3 doctoral programs of first-level disciplines in the category of art, i.e. Design, Fine Arts, and Art Theory. The academy owns a large number of faculty members, who are highly qualified and influential artists, designers, and scholars active at the academic frontiers at home and abroad. The academy has established friendly cooperation relations and academic exchange programs with 62 famous universities, from the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Japan, etc., and invite many international and domestic experts and world-renowned scholars to deliver lectures. Tsinghua Arts and Design Institute in Milan was officially unveiled on 17 April 2018. The institute serves as a foundation in Europe for international talents to further their study through Tsinghua’s Art & Design discipline, and integrates the world’s top-level education resources. It provides opportunities for cross-regional, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural learning, research and practices. Therefore, it provides a friendly environment for cultivating the competence of innovative talents so that those talents can better deal with the challenges posed by globalization.


Based on the Tsinghua University’s strategic guideline for building a “Double First-Class” university, the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University strives to deepen education reform, cultivate interdisciplinary and innovative talents who have a global perspective, and can meet the demands of our time. In a word, it endeavors to become an outstanding world-class academy of fine arts.

I. Application Criteria & Process

For further details, see Undergraduate Admission Guide 2019 for International Students of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University at the official site of Tsinghua Admissions.


II. Application Timelines

Online application: Design and Fine Arts can only be applied at the first round of application and admission, and Art Theory can be applied at all three rounds.

First Round

Online application (GMT +8): Aug 27, 2018 at 8.00–Oct 12, 2018 at 17.00 (Design and Fine Arts can only be applied at this round)

Second Round

Online application (GMT +8): Oct 13, 2018 at 8.00–Nov 30, 2018 at 17.00

Third Round

Online application (GMT +8): Dec 1, 2018 at 8.00–Jan 5, 2019 at 17.00

Admission results will be issued by the end of March, 2019.  

III. Majors, Proposed Enrollment and Examinations


Career Direction

Examination & Scoring Standard


Duration of Studies


Textile and Fashion Design

1. Sketch (100 points)

2.  Quick   sketch (100 points)

3. Color painting (100 points)

4. Interview (100 points)

4 years

Ceramic Design

Visual Communication Design

Environmental Design

Product Design

Product Design (Textile Art Design)

Art and Science (Exhibition Design)

Art and Science (Information Design)


Art and Crafts (Metal Art)

Art and Crafts (Lacquer Art)

Fine Arts

Painting (Chinese Painting)

1. Sketch (100 points)

2.  Quick   sketch (100 points)

3. Color painting (100 points)

4. Interview (100 points)

4 years

Painting (Oil Painting)

Painting (Fresco)



5 years

Art History

Art History

Interview (100 points)

4 years

Proposed Enrollment

Not more than 50 people


Rules on career direction application:

*Applicants for “Design” shall select 1 or 2 career   directions out of the 11 listed above, and note if they accept allocation in   the same major.

*Applicants for “Fine Arts” shall select 1 or 2 career   directions out of the 5 listed, and note if they accept allocation in the   same major.

*Applicants for “Art History” can only select the   direction of “Art History”.

* Applicants can only apply for one major at a   time.


IV.Examination Dates and Requirements

1. Date of subject examination: December 1, 2018

Applicants who have passed material assessment and entered sit-down and interview examinations are required to bring their passports and admission slips when they attend an examination.

Exact date and location of exams will be notified later.


2. Requirements




Paper Size




Color painting (given topic)

3 hours


Gouache and watercolor

Candidates shall cover their travel and accommodation expenses, and   prepare stationaries (paints, brushes, and color palettes, etc.)  Paper will be provided by the Academy.


Sketch (given topic)

3 hours

Dark pencil or charcoal

Quick sketch (given topic)

1 hour

Fine Arts

Color painting (portrait from life)

3 hours



Gouache and watercolor

Sketch (portrait from life)

3 hours

Dark pencil or charcoal

Quick sketch (given topic)

1 hour


3. Interview: Dec 2, 2018.

Candidates shall bring the original and a photocopy of their application materials, and can prepare voluntarily a printed portfolio (about 20 pages of A4 size sheets).

Exact date and location of the interview will be notified later.

V. Admission

1. Admission method:

Admission of international students (undergraduate) at Tsinghua University will be decided based on a comprehensive evaluation of applicants’ examination scores, certificate materials, and interview score.

Design and Fine Arts: Applicants above and beyond the minimum entry score and minimum scores of each exam are admitted by country. Generally, admitted applicants from each country shall be no more than 15% of all applicants above and beyond the two minimum entry requirements.

Combined score is calculated as follows:

Combined score = subject examinations (300 points in total) ÷ 3 × 70% + interview score (100 points in total) × 30%

Note: In other words, all subject examination scores take up 70% of the combined score, while the interview score takes up 30%.

Art Theory: See Admission Criteria of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tsinghua University.

2. Career Direction Admission

Applicants of Design and Fine Arts up to the admission criteria will be admitted to certain major and career direction according to the major and career directions applied and the ranking of combined scores (should two applicants achieve the same combined score, the higher achiever in subject examinations is admitted with a priority). During the admission process, applicants are assessed by their first choices. Applicants who fail to get in the first choice will be considered for the second choice according to their ranking. Those who fail on both first and second choices and accept allocation will be admitted to another career direction of the same major; those who do not accept allocation will not be admitted. 


VI. Contact Us

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