The Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University held a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020

At 17:00 on June 22, 2020, the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University held a graduation ceremony in Plaza B of the Academy for the Class of 2020. More than 100 people, including Dean of the Academy of Arts & Design Lu Xiaobo, Secretary of the Party Committee Ma Sai, Chairman of the Tsinghua University Art Degree Evaluation Sub-Committee Zhang Gan, Vice Deans of the Academy of Arts & Design Yang Dongjiang, Fang Xiaofeng, and Zhao Chao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Li He, heads of the departments of the Academy of Arts & Design, postgraduate supervisors, head teachers, counselors, and the Class of 2020, attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Li He, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Arts & Design.

Before the ceremony, the Class of 2020, dressed in graduation gowns, entered the venue in an orderly manner. Everyone was wearing a mask because of COVID-19. The screens at the venue were playing a video of teachers congratulating the graduating class of 2020 on overcoming difficulties during the epidemic, successfully completing all of their graduation requirements, and taking on the next chapter of their lives.

At the beginning of the graduation ceremony, Professor Zhang Gan, chairman of the Tsinghua University Art Degree Evaluation Subcommittee, announced the conferral of bachelor's and master's degrees to the Academy of Arts & Design's Class of 2020.

Zhang Gan

Li Qiujiang, a bachelor's degree candidate of the Department of Arts & Crafts, spoke on behalf of all bachelor's degree candidates in the Class of 2020 of the Academy of Arts & Design. Li said that in this special graduation season, the Class of 2020 completed the thesis defense and the graduation exhibition online. There were regrets but there were also achievements. They felt the compassion and solidarity of Chinese people during the pandemic. They firmly believe that the youth should take on more responsibilities for the world and the Class of 2020 will become alumni that Qinghua University takes proud in.

Li Qiujiang

Chen Si, a master's degree candidate of the Department of Visual Communication, delivered a speech on behalf of all master's degree candidates in the Class of 2020 of the Academy of Arts & Design. Chen Si is from Hubei. As a member of the Communist Party of China, she participated in a community-based volunteer program during the epidemic. She was a witness to the speed and determination of Chinese people in the fight against COVID-19. She was also a member of a design team, led by her supervisor, working on a design project in relation to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. She is proud of being a Chinese citizen as well as a member of the Academy of Arts & Design. She is committed to designing for the people and making art part of daily life.

Chen Si

Mo Zhi, a young teacher at the Department of Painting, spoke as a representative of the faculty of the Academy. Mo said that although the pandemic forced people to stay at home, artists had more free time to think independently and look deep into themselves and online discussions became bolder and freer. The pandemic was like a touchstone, testing artists' loyalty and dedication to art. Mo said graduates would examine themselves from time to time in the future and be earnest and tenacious.

Mo Zhi

In the Academy of Arts & Design's Class of 2020, 44 graduates were named outstanding and excellent graduates of Tsinghua University and outstanding graduates of Beijing and 7 graduates received QIHANG awards. Twenty graduation works were rated as outstanding works and collected by the Academy. Professor Yang Dongjiang, vice dean of the Academy of Arts & Design, announced the list of outstanding graduates and the list of outstanding graduation works.

Yang Dongjiang

At the end of the ceremony, Ma Sai, secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Arts & Design, delivered a speech. He said emotionally that this year's graduation season must be unforgettable for some students. The COVID-19 disrupted all plans for the graduation season, but with the help of teachers, family members and friends, the students leveraged the Internet to successfully complete the graduation requirements in accordance with high standards. The graduation exhibition was launched as scheduled online. In this extraordinary graduation season, the Academy held this short and warm graduation ceremony to congratulate the Class of 2020 on successfully completing all graduation requirements. A few years ago, the Class of 2020 came to the Academy to explore their ambitious ideas. They were confused from time to time during the learning process, but they never forget their dreams. During the pandemic, they overcame the difficulties and successfully completed the virtual thesis defense and participated in the online graduation exhibition. The pandemic allowed students to reflect on their lives and their responsibility to the country. Ma believes that the pandemic has made the students more mature and confident. The graduates are now ready to take on a new chapter in their lives and contribute to the development of a harmonious, warm and beautiful society.

Ma Sai

Li He

In this special graduation season, it was regretful for most graduates because they were unable to return to the campus to participate in the graduation ceremony. Now that we have said goodbye to each, let us look forward to the reunion after the victory over COVID-19. In the near future, we will take off our masks, show our confident and joyful smiles, and talk about our growth and unforgettable campus time. I hope that no matter where you are after graduation, you will face challenges bravely, never forget your art dreams, be a responsible citizen, and live without regrets.

Text: Office of Student and Alumni Affairs

Photo: Feng Shiguang and Yang Huichao

Editor: Zhao Ruohan