Class of 2020 Graduation Exhibition was Launched Online

2020 Online Graduation Exhibition of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University


The 2020 Online Graduation Exhibition

has been launched online.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 500 future artists and designers may lose the chance to curate their own graduation exhibition, which is an important experience in one’s artistic career.


The Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University has designed and developed a complete online exhibition system with creation, curation, upload, review, publishing and disseminating functions for the Class of 2020. With the strong support of the Alibaba Cloud server, it has been officially launched and provides online public access.


Three features of the online exhibition:


5 km 2.5D online gallery


2.5D can cause images or scenes to simulate the appearance of being three-dimensional space. Each student has a booth of nearly 100 square meters, spanning 12 meters. The entire online gallery is 5 kilometers in length.

Artworks are displayed in an orderly manner in the virtual art gallery. Just slide your finger across the screen to view the artworks.

▼Booths set up by the artists themselves

We firmly believe that only artists know what is the best way to display their artworks.

The online exhibition system only provides virtual space and exhibition tools.


Every picture, product, screen, wall, light, and even interaction is designed and arranged by the graduating students themselves.


Although they did not set up the exhibition on campus as graduating students in previous years, they have built hundreds of virtual booths of different styles over the past two months.

It’s a wonderful exhibition. Don't miss it.



▼Well-designed interactions


In the online exhibition hall, there is a surprise behind each flashing dot: it may allow you to zoom in on the details of a painting, play the animation, open the door of a car, open a book, or change the form of a robot … These surprises are waiting for you to discover!

There is definitely no “Do Not Touch"!


Want to know more?


Click on the portfolio in the lower right corner of the exhibition hall.


What if you can't finish viewing all artworks in one go?


The online exhibition hall has a “memorizing” function. You may “get out” of the browser to answer an incoming call and come back and resume where you left off.


You can return to the catalog page and choose the major and category you are most interested in. The website allows one-click switching between the works of undergraduates and graduates of different majors.


What if you want to see the artwork of a specific student?

You can find a student in the List of Students in the left column of the exhibition hall.

To get a better viewing experience, you may use a computer browser (Chrome/Edge).

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