The New Crafts International Emerging Artists Group Exhibition & Symposium

The Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University held 2019 "Refine" The 5th New Crafts International Emerging Artists Group Exhibition & Symposium" on December 24, 2019.

In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese arts and crafts, the revitalization of traditional crafts has become an important role. How colleges and universities give full play to their academic advantages has become an vital link. To cultivate outstanding young artists and promote the development of traditional crafts is a responsibility and opportunity for colleges.

The core concept of the New Crafts exhibition is committed to inheriting the craft tradition, and innovating traditional techniques by integrating contemporary life. The exhibition is based on the craftsmen of the new era and strives to build a traditional innovative academic system focusing on practice.

Exhibition Introduction

1. Youth-centered exhibited form

The main purposes of the "New Crafts" is to emphasize traditional innovation and inherit the traditional crafts. Particularly, how young people understand traditional innovation is one of the characteristics of "New Crafts". To keep the innovative ability alive and maintain the vitality of the times is the important feature distinguishing "New Crafts" from other exhibitions.

2. High-end international academic exchange platform

The exhibition combines young arts and crafts scholars from more than 40 famous international universities. On this platform, forming an academic status is the unremitting pursuit of "New Crafts". Since the launch of "New Crafts", the press and academies have paid close attention to it.

3. The form of domestic and international crossover biennale

"New Crafts" takes the form of domestic and international cross-over exhibitions, as a rare comprehensive exhibition of international arts and crafts, "New Crafts" is a pioneer exhibition in the field of traditional arts. It helps to expand domestic influences and emerge China's voice to other countries.

Previous Exhibitions

2015 "Flaming" 

Beijing & Shanghai, China

2016 "Lighting" 

Tokyo, Japan

2017 "Vitality" 

Shanghai, China

2018 "Brilliant" 

Dahka, Bangladesh

Resource: Department of Ceramic Design

Editor: Ruohan Zhao, Jiaqi Feng