Design for a Better Life: the Young SDGs Social Design Awards Ceremony held in the Academy of Arts and Design, THU

On September 12th, 2019, “The Future Agreement” – the Young Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Social Design Awards ceremony - was held in the gallery of the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University. The ceremony was co-sponsored by the Academy of Arts and Design, THU; Tsinghua Tsingtao Arts and Science Innovation Institutes, and Phoenix New Media. The Dean of the Academy, Lu Xiaobo, and the Assistant Dean, Zhao Chao, attended the ceremony.

Lu Xiaobo, H.E. Nicholas Rosellini and Zhao Chao

Global SDG Awards is an international sustainability competition that honors outstanding business contributions to UN SDGs and Global Goals. The launch ceremony of the Young SDGs Social Design Awards was directed by the UN Resident Coordinator's Office. H.E. Nicholas Rosellini, the UN Resident Coordinator in China, stated in his speech that achieving sustainable development concerns us all, because the goals of sustainable development are closely related to us.

"I'm very happy to see so many young students today and know that you are already contributing to advance the Sustainable Development Goals with innovative solutions and by driving social progress. Provided with the necessary skills and opportunities needed to reach your potential, you can become an even stronger force for supporting sustainable development. "

Lu Xiaobo presented his opinion regarding Sustainable Development: “sustainable design is future-oriented; designers should be more forward-looking, and be able to predict risks and the future. Driven by the concept of sustainability, design is not only a service industry, but also a vital driving force for innovation.”

Edited by Ruohan Zhao

Reviewed by John Olbrich