Academy of Arts and Design: “Grad-Auction” and VIP Private Exhibition

On June 14th 2019, the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University held the Grad-Auction event and a private exhibition for VIP guests.


The event and exhibition were hosted by the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University and co-sponsored by the Office of Students and Alumni Affairs, Tsinghua SIA Program and Tsinghua University Education Foundation.


Over 40 organizations sent staff and representatives to the Academy for these events, and the“Grad-Auction” also attracted art collectors who were interested in students’ art work. The recipients first visited the Art Work Exhibition located in both Building A of the Academy and Tsinghua Art Museum. During the visit, the guests had opportunities to talk directly to the student artists and communicated their thoughts.


Followed by the private exhibition, the “Grad-Auction” was held in the hall of Building A at 7pm. There was a total of 30 pieces in the auction produced by students of the Academy, and the categories included painting, sculpture, ceramic, glass, lacquer, metal, textile, graphic design and related fields. The detail of each piece was described by the well-trained auctioneer. By the end, there were 19 successful auctions, and the total hammer price was 130,000 rmb.


Although some students’ works remained unsold, the “Grad-Auction” brought a pleasant opportunity to all of the students who were engaged in this event. It was a challenge in terms of the experience and also a miniature art market.


The Dean of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Lu Xiaobo, the Secretary of the Party Committee, Ma Sai, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Li He, and representatives from the administrative office and the office of Students and Alumni Affairs, as well as directors of departments and students attended both of the events.

(Edited by Vicky Zhao)